Compass Bracelets “Your heart is your greatest compass in this journey we call life.”

Sisters Samantha Dudley and Katie Rooney have always shared a close bond. Not just siblings, but also best friends, the two join in celebrating lifetime moments as only sisters can.

In 2016 they embarked on an exciting business venture together, one where the goals are personal, and the rewards are true treasures of the heart. When they say “wear it, share it, change the world,” they mean that literally.

Check out their website – – and get to know this mission that has blessed not only over 250 bracelet wearers to date, but also blessed the dynamic sister duo that turned a notion into reality.

While working in sales on the West Coast, Sam’s personal “compass” – her heart – nudged her that she was missing a calling to pursue something different. Having dabbled in jewelry making and long been fascinated with the idea of a bracelet that could be tracked throughout the world, she detailed the idea to her always-supportive family who felt the same spark of enthusiasm.

Sam says her dad has heard her describe many new business opportunities through the years, but this vision, he agreed was “the one.” With those she loved most overwhelmingly onboard, she knew it was time to set the dream in motion. Once she stepped away from her full-time career, Sam reached out to a freelance developer who helped her and Katie launch the Compass Bracelets website, and everything fell into place right before Thanksgiving 2016.

It’s a simple process with life-changing results. Purchase a Compass Bracelet from their website ($20.00 each, plus $3.00 for shipping) or at one of the many events they attend, including music festivals, arts and crafts fairs, and Farmer’s Markets. Register your bracelet’s unique code on the company’s website, and with an open heart and an open mind, share your own story of love, challenge, and inspiration right there on the site, where a pin will be placed noting your approximate geographical location.

Wear the bracelet, made of natural brown cork leather with brass hardware, and one day, probably when you least expect it, you’ll be drawn to someone who’s having a rough day, facing a personal challenge, or embarking on a new chapter in their life and needing inspiration. “Your heart will know when the time is right to give away your bracelet,” says Sam, “giving that next person a chance to log on to the website, share their story, pin their location, and continue spreading the love worldwide by sending the bracelet on its next journey. Best of all, you can check the site anytime to see how far your bracelet has traveled!”

“We have come across so many people with amazing stories, from transplant recipients to people making a fresh start in life, to someone just hoping their bracelet can make an impact on someone down the road,” says Katie. “The bracelets started as a way for us to give back and give people a cool piece of jewelry to pass around, but it has become so much more.”

A percentage of the profits from bracelet sales are donated to a selected charity, and the site’s Giving Back page tells where funds are currently going to change lives. There’s a different non-profit recipient every few months.

Though all Compass Bracelets offer the same design – for now – the sisters are overflowing with ideas for new designs, and always in search of earth and animal-friendly materials to weave in. Between the two, there is no shortage of creativity or enthusiasm.

“Sam has always inspired me,” says Katie. “Being able to do this with my sister and best friend has brought me so much joy.”

For Sam, the daily reminders are heart-warming.

“Each morning we check the website and read the stories,” she says. “It changes our lives, too. There’s so much negativity in the world. We want to reinforce that, even in tough times, there are people and forces who get you through – we want you to share those as part of your journey.”

On their own journey together, Sam and Katie’s natural bond and mutual respect have made them perfect business partners, where their strengths and weaknesses balance each other beautifully. Both have a passion for people and a mission to see beauty in everyday life, a wish they hope their Compass Bracelets will help strengthen. They invite you to embrace their message: Look for good, take chances, and be happy!

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