Dalton’s Crossing – More Than a Boutique – It’s an Experience!

I love to shop. However, when I enter a store, I like to look around without being followed, and I don’t want to have someone hovering around me. I want to explore at my pace, have someone check on me now and then and provide assistance when I need it. So, where can you go to have this, find fabulous clothes and accessories, an owner who makes you feel like a friend, a shop whose design and decor is worth the trip alone, and an easy drive? The answer is simple – Dalton’s Crossing in downtown King.

Owner Joyce Mauldin-Ray made her dream of owning a women’s clothing boutique come true five years ago when they opened Dalton’s Crossing at the corner of Main Street and Dalton Road in downtown King. In a mere three years after opening, they doubled the size of their space when she and husband, Wayne, bought the building next door. There are a number of reasons for this success.

Walking through the main door, you are immediately and warmly greeted. You almost forget your manners to respond in kind as you take in the feel and decor of this boutique. Although Joyce is the buyer and face of Dalton’s Crossing, she is quick to praise Wayne. “My husband, R. Wayne Ray, is a huge part of our success being the operational partner, building displays and helping decorate with memorabilia from his home place to make Dalton’s Crossing what it is,” said Joyce. I love looking around at all the special touches almost as much as all the great lines of clothing and accessories you find there.

Adding the extra space has allowed Joyce to expand the number of brands and styles she carries. “We mainly carry sizes small to extra large, with the occasional 1X,” said Joyce. “We will work with customers as much or as little as they prefer. We offer our honest opinion when asked. We treat people the way we like to be treated. We want our customers to be happy with their purchases – that way, the next time they are in the market for something, they will come here again.”

As I was looking around, I met a lovely gentleman who, after years of living in California, had recently moved back home to North Carolina. He had come across Dalton’s Crossing when shopping for Christmas presents. It has since become his go-to shop. “This is a surprise you would never think is here,” he said. “When I walked in here at Christmas I said, ‘Oh my, this is California! It’s chic, it’s California, and yet it’s King. I had moved to Tobaccoville three months before and had never been to King and didn’t know what to expect. I saw this shop and thought it looked nice. I walked in, and my reaction was, ‘wow, this is incredible!’ I hadn’t found anything like it anywhere around here.”

This is another wonderful thing about Dalton’s Crossing – somehow you feel perfectly at ease striking up conversations with total strangers. Two ladies from Elkin came in and, in just a few minutes, I had learned about a nearby vineyard and restaurant I plan to visit. I watched them happily browsing, taking their time finding something new at every turn and enjoying their relaxing, fun, no rush outing.

To Joyce, this is what she envisioned when she opened Dalton’s Crossing – a charming boutique filled with clothing lines (including their own Dalton’s Crossing label which will be coming soon) you won’t find in every store, a relaxed, pleasant shopping experience and a shop you want to patronize often.

Supporting local businesses is something I love doing. I am not only seeing someone’s dream being fulfilled, but I am helping the local economy as well. It is also important to note that Joyce and Wayne continuously donate to local charities and events in and around their area to help give back to the community.

Do yourself a favor and make it a point to come to downtown King – it’s an easy drive – stop in at Dalton’s Crossing, meet Joyce and her wonderful staff and shop. You will find that it is more than a wonderful boutique, it’s truly an experience!

Dalton’s Crossing is located at 102/104 East Dalton Road in downtown King. Business hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat, 10am-3pm. Call 336.985.5464, or for more information, visit the website at daltonscrossing.com.