Dream Dinners: Taking Home Cooked Meals to a New Level

Long work days, extracurricular obligations, errands, and all the other time-consuming details we try to cram into a 24-hour day are leaving us little time to make home-cooked meals for our families. Dinners at home may be grab-and-go processed meals, pizza delivery, or fast food take out, most of which are unhealthy options, that get real expensive, real quick.   Short of a personal chef (again, cha-ching), the idea of a nutritious, delicious meal at home may seem impossible. With all that said, if there was an affordable option that could help you create home-cooked, nutritious meals, how many times a week would you want to eat at home?

Thankfully, there’s a local business that offers a solution: Dream Dinners. Conveniently located in Clemmons, Dream Dinners takes the guesswork out of the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”

Owner Pat Gattis should know. He and his wife were regular Dream Dinners customers for a full year before buying the local franchise in 2016. “My wife and I were in a dinner rut, eating a lot of take-out and pasta,” shared Pat. “When we discovered Dream Dinners, we found the perfect solution for our family and our busy lifestyle. When the opportunity came open to buy it, I saw the value and potential of helping other families discover delicious dinner options at home that are both affordable and nutritious.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Each month, Dream Dinners posts a new selection of dinner options. With approximately 17 menu options to choose from per month, there’s something for everyone!
  • Order your meals online and schedule your appointment.
  • Arrive on time and spend one to 1 ½ hours assembling your meals.
  • Take them home and freeze them.
  • Thaw and enjoy!

Each Dream Dinners meal comes with step-by-step instructions and generally takes less than 30 minutes before dinner is on the table!

When you consider the cost per serving, it’s quite a great value. You don’t have leftover ingredients to contend with, or specialty ingredients you can’t use for anything else. The average cost per serving is $5 (depending on the meal selected, of course). Lest you still think “that’s too expensive,” ask yourself – how much do you spend for you and your spouse when you order “cheap” takeout. Moreover – consider the following:

  • How many hours a week do you spend in a grocery store?
  • How long does it take you to prep dinner at night?
  • How long does it take you to clean up?

The adage is true – time is money. Your time has value, and it’s estimated that Dream Dinners can help you save an average of 20 hours per month between grocery shopping and food prep time. That’s significant in and of itself.

A simple shift in thinking and Dream Dinners becomes a no-brainer.

Pat shared, “When families come in to ask about Dream Dinners, they want to know about cost, taste, and portion sizes. Since we were customers long before we decided to buy the store, I am a walking testimonial to the affordability of these delicious meals. And when it comes to portion sizes, Dream Dinners comes in 3-serving meals or 6-serving. So, a family of three – you’re set, no leftovers. If you’re a two-person family, you may have a meal leftover for lunch the next day. If you have teenagers in your family – well, they may eat two servings! However, these meals are based on healthy, realistic portions. In our family, my wife and I actually lost weight when we started Dream Dinners, though it’s not to be confused with a weight loss program.”

Not only is Dream Dinners great for busy families, but even singles or retirees. Cooking for one or two hardly seems worth the effort, but with no messy prep involved and clean up at a minimum, it’s a great option for anyone!

Dream Dinners Clemmons is located at 6276 Towncenter Dr., in Clemmons. Call 336.766.0644 or visit DreamDinners.com to see the current and upcoming menu. Be sure to like them on Facebook (Dream Dinners Clemmons).


Schedule your appointments for June, July, and August and be entered for the Dream Dinners On the Go Bingo Giveaway! Monthly winners are inclusive of National Parks Getaway Package (June); Road Trip Package (July); and Family Vacation Package (August). AND, in addition to being entered in the national drawing, Pat is running his own in-store contest, too! The June winner will receive a Dream Dinners platter; the July winner – a Dream Dinners Thermal Cooler; and the August winner – a 3.2 cubic foot freezer!