Earheart Healthy Weightloss

Our relationship with food is a deeply personal thing. For many – food comforts us through challenging times. It represents celebration. It helps us enjoy our time with family and friends. Most of all, food is meant to fuel us, to give us the energy we need through our daily routines. For some of us though,the relationship with food extends beyond our needs and, as a result,we end up embroiled in a personal battle of will power versus food.We can’t live without it yet we can’t live with it…in our current condition.

Linda Finch, the owner of Earheart Healthy Weight Loss, knows this struggle from personal experiences. After 10 years of battling her own weight, Linda and her doctors designed a program that effectively removed her unwanted pounds and, moreover, helped her to keep them off for over 4 years. She has brought her program to the public and to date,she has helped over 1,500 clients lose over 30,000 pounds.

Recently, Earheart Healthy Weigh Loss extended an invitation for some to try the program for six weeks. Five women will journey together through a program that promises to have a huge impact on their bodies and with the average weight loss being 30 pounds, a substantial amount of weight loss between them. We will chronicle their success and report an update in August with an “After” in September.

Read more on pages 12-13 in the July Issue of FW.