Eli’s Pack & Ship: Service Like It Used to Be

Since 1990, owner Eli Bradley has made sure he went the extra mile to take care of his customers at Eli’s Pack & Ship. From his own experience, he knew the value a personal touch can have on a person. This special quality has contributed to the long-running success of Eli’s Pack & Ship.

“After working at Sara Lee Corporation, I decided to bring the California business concept of a pack and ship to North Carolina. This concept was started by independent businesses and then it was copied by UPS and FedEx. When I started Eli’s Pack & Ship, I was located in Thruway Shopping Center and stayed there for 26 years. While there, I branded and personalized the business through the name and services we provided. In addition, we have continued to take customers’ items from point A to point B and have always given the white glove treatment” said Bradley.

Currently, the company provides 24/7 mobile onsite service, nationwide shipping, a 24/7 notary, and a storage and conference meeting area space in Universal Storage Solutions. However, one thing has changed for Eli’s Pack & Ship throughout the years – they no longer have a brick and mortar presence and are only online.

“The building became a huge expense and difficult to handle, so I decided to change my business model a little and incorporate more ways to give service like it used to be,” said Bradley.

According to Bradley, the company’s motto “service like it used to be” reflects the business service model of the 1950s. He began coming to customers’ homes for all of their packing, shipping, and moving needs.

“I wanted to base the business on this service model, because back in the ‘50s, “Leave it to Beaver” era, people and businesses gave that personal touch. You had the milkman, doctors, and more come to you, instead of vice versa. Today, service has gone downhill, and you have to call 1-800- such and such and can’t talk to a person. I didn’t want that to happen, and wanted my customers to deal with people they know,” said Bradley.

To do this, Eli’s Pack & Ship is equipped with vehicles to transport items of all sizes. The company has a moving truck for large moves, a van for standard moves, and a special truck for small moves. This truck is a design taken from the classic SSR truck, a vehicle Bradley has always admired. To find just the right one, Bradley enlisted the help of neighboring business, Flow Motors.

“I have known Don Flow, the owner of Flow Motors, for years. Our kids even went to school together. So, I knew he was the right guy to help me. We searched for over twelve years to find the exact truck. It is a rarity and hard to find. It ended up that a guy in Clemmons collected cars and had this vehicle in his garage that he wanted to get rid of. It turns out it was an SSR truck, and it was a perfect match,” said Bradley.

This triumphant search also enhanced the relationship between two local businesses. From the beginning of Eli’s Pack & Ship, Bradley recognized the importance of staying local and businesses helping each other.

“I’m thankful and appreciate the gratitude several businesses in the area have given me. For example, all of my automobile service needs have been done by K & G Auto, printing needs by Nu Expression, BB&T gave me a display in their lobby for two weeks, we’ve used Polly’s Alterations, and more. B/E Aerospace also helped me with my training in corporate learning and expediting. I try to work with small businesses 99% of the time,” said Bradley.

Eli’s Pack & Ship is known for its personal and professional service and helping businesses throughout the community. Bradley hopes more businesses will assist each other and bring back service like it used to be.

Visit Eli’s Pack & Ship online Yelp.com/biz/elis-pack-and-ship-winston-salem. Call (336) 721-0596 or (336) 830-4044. Be sure to follow them on Facebook.