Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family magazines are free monthly publications. Every month, our magazines are distributed to over 1000 locations and read by over 68,000 people in and around Forsyth County and the surrounding areas. It is our joy and privilege to bring you Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family every month! These magazines are full of interesting stories about people, places, and businesses right in your neighborhood! And since no person is an island, it takes the talents of many to make our magazines possible every month. Please meet our team!

  • Keela Johnson
    Keela Johnson
    Publisher (Forsyth Woman)
  • Robin Bralley
    Robin Bralley
    Publisher (Forsyth Family)
  • Brooke Eagle
    Brooke Eagle
    Associate Editor & Account Executive

Account Executives

  • Alexis Snow
    Alexis Snow
    Special Issues Account Management
  • Heather Spivey
    Heather Spivey
    Account Executive
  • Morgan Bralley
    Morgan Bralley
    Account Executive
  • Tamara Bodford
    Tamara Bodford
    Account Executive

Graphic Artists & Editors

  • Aron Daniels
    Aron Daniels
    Graphic Artist
  • Laurie Dalton
    Laurie Dalton
    Graphic Artist
  • Timothy Sellner
    Timothy Sellner
    Content Editor
  • Kim Beane
    Kim Beane
    Content Editor


  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor
    Editorial & Public Relations Coordinator
  • Carolyn Peterson
    Carolyn Peterson
    Senior Writer
  • Denise Heidel
    Denise Heidel
    Senior Writer
  • Meghan Corbett
    Meghan Corbett
    Senior Writer
  • Debbie Barr
    Debbie Barr
  • Debbie Linville
    Debbie Linville
  • Elisa Wallace
    Elisa Wallace
  • A. Keith Tilly
    A. Keith Tilly
  • Kristi J. Marion
    Kristi J. Marion
  • Lisa Doss
    Lisa Doss
  • Mallory Harmon
    Mallory Harmon
  • Martie Emory
    Martie Emory
  • Savannah Norris
    Savannah Norris
  • Sara Wiles
    Sara Wiles
  • Stacy Leighton
    Stacy Leighton
  • Susan Woodall
    Susan Woodall
  • Vonda Henderson
    Vonda Henderson