GRIT Performance: Word of Mouth Is the Best Recommendation!

August means back to school…. And back to school means routine. If you are in need of a new fitness routine, look no further. Not much shows the true colors of a business like a testimonial. Rather than writing an article on GRIT Performance, I wanted to pull together a few testimonials from folks of all ages and stages in life who work out here. One of these testimonials is my own!

  • “I started going to GRIT in September of 2016. At that time I was receiving big doses of chemotherapy through my port, but I was also taking oral chemo every single day. That did not stop me from wanting to better myself, even when I was feeling horrible and nauseous; I would find the energy and motivation to come work out. I have lost 25+ pounds, one shirt size and four inches on my waist. I feel great and have a lot more energy now that I exercise daily. I look forward to working out and challenging myself every single day. I love the competitive atmosphere GRIT offers; it makes you push yourself more and more. If you want to succeed in accomplishing something in life, with hard work and dedication, it can be done.” –Juan Santos, 22
  • “I first started coming to GRIT in November of last year, and at first I was pretty nervous because I only weighed 120 pounds, which was small compared to everyone else, and I never really worked out before. The first week or two were discouraging because I wasn’t strong enough to do some of the workouts. However, Gavin took me under his arm and persuaded me to continue to come to GRIT to work out and develop my baseball skills. After the five months of working out with Gavin and pushing myself to compete with him, I started seeing crazy results, both physically and mentally. My energy level throughout the day is through the roof, along with my self-confidence and motivation. I also put on 20 pounds of muscle during that span and cut my sixty time from a 6.9 to a 6.68. GRIT has become basically home for me, and the staff has become a second family to me. Continuing to come to GRIT has been the best decision I have made so far in my life.” –Colby Reichenbach, 15
  • “I have been consistently working out at GRIT for about eight months now. In eight months, I’ve increased my physical strength tremendously and also my confidence in what my body is capable of. I love having the push of a personal trainer in a class environment. I love to exercise—but am not self-motivated. I need someone to tell me what to do, how to do it, and I need my workouts to be constantly switched up, so I don’t get bored or burned out. This all happens at GRIT! I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, and I can run faster than I’ve ever run (and I used to run half and full marathons). I really can’t say enough about how awesome these workouts are.” –Brooke Eagle, 27
  • “I started going to GRIT in October of 2016 because of the location. I had no idea I would find so much more.   GRIT is a place that anyone, no matter age, body composition, or athletic ability, can work out and get results. Families can work out together! In addition to enjoying the welcoming atmosphere at this gym, I also have improved in the areas of endurance and strength. The metabolic conditioning that GRIT provides is what my workout repertoire needed to make progress on my goals.   My biggest successes so far here are being able to do an unassisted pull-up and overcoming my fear of running!   I would recommend it to anyone that wants an outstanding workout with a supportive community.”   -Rhys Myrick Potts, 34

Like what you are reading about GRIT? Try it out for a week for FREE! GRIT Performance is located at 162 Hillsdale Drive, Advance, NC 27006. Call 336.407.0983 for more info and don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.