Inner Strength Pilates: Balancing your beautiful life!

Balance this, switch gears, then balance that. Repeat. Not only did you just ride that whirlwind over the holidays, but if we’re being completely honest here, we’re admitting it’s a year-round treadmill we all have trouble slowing down.

Just ask Amy Dixon, owner of Inner Strength Pilates (ISP) in Winston-Salem, NC. Like you, she’s been the wife and mom struggling with that delicate balance, and that’s why she’s even more proud of the fact that, through her business, she’s able to soothe her clientele back into a much sought after state of gentle harmony, even if for only a short while!

With her associate’s degree in radiology, Amy worked in the medical field while pursuing her impressive fitness credentials. Moving from medicine to fitness was a natural progression, and she’s been part of the Winston-Salem fitness community since 1994, opening her first Pilates and yoga studio in 2002, and launching Inner Strength Pilates in early 2012. Trained and well-versed in a variety of Pilates and fitness techniques, and always pursuing the next certification to keep on top of the industry, Amy is a true go-getter and people person, but she’s also in tune with what often holds women back from being and doing their best.

“Many of us struggle with balance and the demands of our time,” says Amy. “It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself. If you are at your best, it’s easier to care for others.”

It sounds like a simple enough strategy, but we all need a little nudge and inspiration: Proverbs 11:25, “she who refreshes others will herself be refreshed.” At ISP, you can slip away for a body and mind workout, massage, and even esthetic treatments (think rejuvenating facial or the latest skincare basics with professional esthetician, Charity) – all under one roof. All of their services are geared towards nurturing your inner self and becoming more aware of the amazing capabilities of the human body – in this case, your own!

“Something that people tend to notice quickly when they begin Pilates is their level of body awareness,” explains Amy. “Being connected to what’s going on in their bodies is crucial. We don’t want clients tuning out during their workouts to pass the time!”

Amy and her fellow Pilates instructors, Mandy, Shanley, Tiffany, Noelle, Lisa, and Summer, continue to be amazed at how the body responds on every level when a client begins working with them.

“They tend to report sharper focus at work, as well as less of a stressful response to daily aggravations,” says Amy. Strengthening the body in proper form and function greatly improves the mental attitude. As Amy good-naturedly suggests: try slumping your shoulders over for a few minutes and take note of how draining that position can be!

No day is the same at ISP and nothing is routine, as their varied workout regimes (Pilates, mat, barre, and more) focus on breathing and strengthening the core – your own personal “foundation.” To make the most of your own carved out time of calm and thoughtfulness, instructors ask clients at the beginning of each session what they would like to work on that day. ISP clients range in age from teenagers to great, great grandparents, with every age and skill level in between. Clients often include cancer survivors, post-op patients, and sufferers of chronic pain. With over 191 years of combined experience doing what they love, Amy and her inspirational team feel blessed that they make a difference in people’s bodies, minds, and spirits on a daily basis.

“I never take that for granted,” smiles Amy. “I am thankful that I can call my passion my job!”

Situated in a spacious studio that covers over 3600 square feet, ISP offers Pilates apparatus sessions, Barre, Egoscue Method Postural Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Esthetic services. If you’re a novice, schedule a private Pilates session to kick start your journey. If you’re nursing a particular medical condition, you may also be better suited for private instruction, where you can enjoy personalized modification as needed.

The recent popularity of cupping (remember, it was the media sensation of the Summer Olympics?) has also emerged at ISP, and this intriguing style of ancient Chinese therapy uses small glass jars as suction devices, providing a gentle motion to pull muscles upward instead of applying more intense pressure directly to them. Cupping is lauded for improving overall circulation in muscles and tissues, aiding in pain relief, and lessening the effects of arthritis, insomnia, and even high blood pressure.

Massage services at the talented hands of massage therapists Teresa and Rene include deep tissue, pregnancy, trigger point, sinus drainage, and medical massage. Both classes and private sessions for all services are by appointment only.

When you’re finished for the day, you’ll find a welcoming, relaxing lounge with a coffee and tea bar, the perfect spot to feed your soul a bit, too, and enjoy meeting new friends, another integral element of keeping life in balance.

Isn’t it time to take your own first step towards keeping everything in balance?

Our Top 7 Tips for Achieving Your Own Balance in the New Year

  • Be grounded in your faith and dedicate yourself to an active prayer life.
  • Be of service to others in every way you can.
  • Keep your own consistent routine – even on weekends.
  • Practice proper nutrition and healthy sleep habits.
  • Unplug, completely, as often as possible.
  • Surround yourself with those who bring out the very best in you!
  • Do Pilates!

Visit Inner Strength Pilates to see what their inspiring brand of life balance is all about. The studio is located at 4983 Martin View Lane, Harper Hill Commons, in Winston-Salem, NC. For more information and to schedule appointments for Pilates, massage, or an esthetics session call 336-813-5320, visit them online at, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for classes via their software or app: MindBody Connect. “Changing the posture of Winston-Salem, one spine at a time!”