Let Your Nails Speak Shape and Color Choices

What do your hands say about you? Let’s take a quick quiz.


  • Are your nails elegant, your hands soft?
  • Do you find yourself scrubbing to get the dirt out of your nails from working in the garden on a regular basis?
  • Are your nails almost nonexistent due to the sports you love playing?
  • Are your nails short, so they don’t interfere with your hobbies?
  • Do you have a callus on the edge of your finger or a smudge from gripping a pen or pencil all day?

So, you’re a perhaps a fashionista, a gardener, a sportsperson, a crafter, or work in an office environment. Your hands tell a lot about you (your career, your lifestyle, and what you enjoy doing). There’s also an indication of what you expect (or are willing to tolerate) from a manicure.

For the examples mentioned, probably the only type remotely interested and willing to try stiletto shaped nails is the fashionista. Stiletto nails are pointed and sharp in the extreme. There’s not much you can comfortably do with them. Can you imagine cooking or chopping food? Who wants nail ends in a salad or sautéed with their veggies? As an alternative for the fashion forward type, ballerina shaped nails (think toe shoe shape, rounded with a pronounced square tip) might be less dramatic. The shape slenderizes and elongates the fingers while eliminating the danger aspect of the pointiness.

Square shaped nails work well for the active sports-minded among us.   This shape doesn’t have edges or points subject to breakage. They’re usually fairly short and durable, so crafty folks might like them as well. Similarly, round shaped nails go well with sports and for those who enjoy working with their hands.

Oval shaped nails are considered elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. The oval shape looks nice for longer nails. Almond shaped nails are just that; look at an almond, and you’ve got it. This is said to be ideal for creative and artistic spirits with perhaps a flair for some drama.

For the career minded whose fingers are forever holding pens, pencils and multi-tasking through the day, the squ-oval shape (square nails with rounded edges) has your number. Whatever the nail length, this shape works. This is perfect for a take-charge individual with limited time for pampering.

Okay, we’ve got the shape, but what color are we painting those digits? And, how about your toes? Do they get the same color or are they walking on the wild side? Does your mood dictate your color choice?

Red is an obvious go-to choice and has been for years. It’s the look of old Hollywood glamour and sophistication. The deeper hue of burgundy is trendy with an edgy quality. Bold color choices require a commitment to keep them looking nice and well groomed. If you’d rather be working with your hands than having them worked on, darker nails are probably not your best choice. Paler, softer colors last longer and need less attention. Pink shades, nudes, and soft grays work well if you’d like to stretch out appointments.

Some colors reflect your personality without saying a word. Orange and yellow scream fun and attention. Lavender invokes grace, while deep purple speaks creativity and individuality. White nails exude confidence and are a classic choice; however, black nails push the norm.

Change your mood; change your color. If you have a bit of a rebel in you, let your pedicure show it. Go for the bold, loud, or bright color you’d be uncomfortable with on your fingers. The world only sees toes when you want to show them. Walk on the wild side – pick that neon orange, paint them each a different color, or add some art if you like!