From Old to New, Unique to Ordinary: A Little Bit of Everything at Still Life Market

Known as a multi-merchant mall in Lewisville, the Still Life Market brings together items from the past and the present. After participating in weekend trade shows, owner Hannah Wilson took her love for furniture pieces and home accessories and decided to share that love with others by opening the store. In the shop, customers will find new furniture and home décor, consigned items, antiques, vintage, upcycled, and repurposed pieces. The shop also includes boutique clothing and jewelry, hand-crafted items, and more. They offer DIY classes, catalog orders, and in-home design, redecorating, staging, and remodeling services as well.

“I love frequenting thrift shops, yard and estate sales, digging through curbside items, and barn picking for items that I can give a new life to. After traveling all over the state and beyond for trade shows, battling weather, and dealing with all of the set-ups, we decided it was time for a permanent storefront location. Since Still Life Market has multiple shops, it’s always a unique shopping experience to see what you can find. One shop may contain pieces from many years gone by and the next shop may offer hip styles and a boutique feel,” said Wilson.

The purpose of the shop comes from the meaning behind the name, Still Life Market. According to Wilson, it is a two-fold idea. First, an artist can describe “still life” as a collection of inanimate objects arranged together in a certain way. Another viewpoint is seeing new life in old pieces of furniture and home accessories.

“Just because a piece is old, outdated, or worn out, I try to always see beyond that. With a little paint, mending, or maybe even changing its use completely, these items could still be used, or in other words, there’s “still life” in them. Often my husband would say “What are you going to do with that?” My response is always the same, “There’s still life in it!” As for the market part, it is in reference to the fact that we have multiple vendors/shops under one roof,” said Wilson.

Recently, the shop expanded their vendor and consignment spaces. People with side hobby businesses, handcrafters, artisans, and antique and vintage dealers can pick up an application packet at the shop. As for consigners, they can call or email to set up a time to bring in their items. For large furniture pieces, Wilson asks customers to email pictures first.

“This is a great way for folks to make extra money selling their goods and getting their products out to the community, all while maintaining a day job and avoiding the costs of running their own store front. The vendor space can act as a business incubator for people interested in starting a business until they are ready to open their own shop. In addition to our current furniture and home décor consignments, we would like to expand our consignment section to include name brand clothing as well,” said Wilson.

Wilson says her favorite part of owning Still Life Market is meeting all the customers and creating a welcoming environment with the various items.

“Along with the wonderful people, hands down it’s staging the store. Some people will say ‘I hate to mess up your display,’ but I enjoy it, not only because they found a piece they love, but also because I get to design a new display or set-up. I also like helping customers with their design or decorating dilemmas,” said Wilson.

Within the past few months, Still Life Market has been quickly welcomed into the community. Looking into the future, Wilson is excited to see God’s plan for the shop. She hopes to become a go-to-shop for unique and one-of-a-kind items with many different vendors that offer a variety of goods and items.

“I feel very blessed in how our first few months have gone. A good store should be more than just a place to shop. It should be an experience and a place to be inspired. That is our goal. Lots of life happens in our homes, so the décor and designs shouldn’t be dull. There’s fun in mixing unique pieces, and we are the shop where the old meets the new,” said Wilson.

Still Life Market is located at 6499 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. Call (336) 946-1135 or visit online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.