It’s the lovely month of February. Now is the time to celebrate all kinds and types of love, right? But I must agree with the poet, Phyllis McGinley, who questioned the timing of the month to celebrate love in the middle of winter.


I sing of Saint Valentine, his day,

I spread abroad his rumor –

A gentleman, it’s safe to say,

Who owned a sense of humor.

Most practical of jokers, he,

Who bade sweethearts make merry

With flowers and birds and amorous words,

In the month of February.

The antic, frantic,


Middle of February…


…When blizzards rage with might and main

And a man’s best friend’s his muffler,

Pity the February swain

That sentimental snuffler,

Whose soul must surge, whose pulse must throb

With passionate credenza,

When he yearns instead for a cozy bed

Alone with influenza.


When winds blow up and snow comes down

And the whole gray world seems horrider,

And every lass that sulks in town

Thinks wistfully of Florider,

Pity the chapped and wintry maid

Who’d trade the arms that clasp her in,

For Vitamin A and a nasal spray

And maybe a bottle of aspirin.


Who wants to bill, who cares to coo,

Who longs for cherry-chopping,

When noses are red and fingers blue

And the hemoglobin’s dropping?

Let summer lovers droop and pine,

Let springtime hearts be airy,

I wouldn’t be anyone’s Valentine

In the month of February,

The spare-able, terrible,

Quite unbearable

Middle of February.


I think the poet has a very good point, don’t you? Many times my husband and I have rescheduled Valentine dinners or celebrations due to bad weather occurring in February. It is not uncommon for school Valentine/ Sweetheart Dances to be rescheduled or postponed due to weather complications as well. Many of you have probably re-made cupcakes for school Valentine parties when dates were changed.

But whether you celebrate love on February 14 or another day, the important thing is that you celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is not just the marketing brainstorm of the floral and card industry to boost sales between Christmas and Easter. It is a very important day celebrating, honoring, recognizing our most human trait: love.

So whenever you can, celebrate love, not just this month, but any and all the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all… and Happy February!