Remodeler’s Leadership Benefits All North Carolina Homeowners: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen leads continuing education efforts for remodeling industry!

One morning as Erik Anderson was taking his son, Bodie, to school, the 7-year-old announced that when he grew up, he wanted to mow yards. His dad’s ears perked up. “Why that?” he asked.

“Because it makes people happy,” Bodie said.

Erik can relate. As co-owner of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Winston-Salem, making people happy is one of the most gratifying aspects of his work. He likes knowing that his work makes people happy, whether it’s a remodeled kitchen that is built to be accessible and functional for someone with disabilities, or a new master bathroom with elegant features and pampering touches that encourages its owner to wake with a smile. He, business partner Tracy Moore, and their team work hard to deliver great results, as well as a professional process that is well-managed and trouble-free for homeowners. “My goal is to end every project not only with a happy customer, but with a new friend,” Erik says.

If you know enough friends who have hired remodelers, you’ve probably heard at least one horror story of jobs that dragged on for months or did not deliver on expectations. Erik and Tracy work hard to prevent that outcome for their own customers, and for every homeowner in the Winston-Salem area.

Improving the Industry by Giving Back

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is not your average remodeling company. Erik has a civil engineering degree from N.C. State and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Tracy graduated with business management and economics degrees from N.C. State. They have been in business together for nearly 20 years, forming Anderson-Moore Builders in 1996 and DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Winston-Salem in 2009.

The business has won a stream of awards from Qualified Remodeler magazine, Professional Remodeler magazine, the Better Business Bureau and the North Carolina Home Builders Association, as well as from Habitat for Humanity.

Underpinning the awards is the company’s commitment to continuing education. DreamMaker’s co-owners and staff are certified ‘aging in place’ specialists and green professionals, and hold several other certifications. Everyone on staff undergoes several hours of continuing industry education each year to keep their skills and knowledge sharp and current.

Additionally, Erik is working to increase the professionalism and know-how of all remodeling in the area by teaching certification courses for the State and National Association of Home Builders. He is a past-president of both the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association and the North Carolina Home Builders Association and jokes that teaching the courses may be even better than attending them because he has to, “re-evaluate what I think I know every time I teach.”

Rigor & Professionalism Yield Results for Customers

DreamMaker’s focus on professionalism has won praise from customers. The company’s new website,, shows just how much customers enjoy the process. DreamMaker uses a third-party survey company, Guild Quality, to survey customers after each project. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen happily displays the ongoing report card for everyone to see.

“The entire project, from planning and permitting to the very last detail, was handled with professionalism and integrity,” a customer recently wrote. “You were not only committed to the highest quality, but you were consistently focused on identifying and meeting our particular needs. We are grateful for the many ideas and innovations you suggested throughout the process and appreciate your good humor and skill.”

DreamMaker’s Worry-Free Process

DreamMaker offers excellent craftsmanship, but the thing that may set the company apart most dramatically from other remodelers is its emphasis on consultation and project management.

Customers can come into DreamMaker’s Design Center to see, touch and feel different cabinets, tubs, showers, floors and fixtures. The Design Center displays give homeowners a better idea of what options are available, and what’s possible with different budgets.

Customers are encouraged to bring in a photo of a room they would like remodeled. Interior Designer Jennifer Cameron can usually begin offering ideas immediately, drawing upon the hundreds of projects DreamMaker has already handled. DreamMaker’s consultative approach to design means that the project will reflect your needs and taste, while layering in DreamMaker’s expertise to offer ideas and solutions that may not be on a homeowner’s radar.

Once customers hire DreamMaker, the company develops a full computer-assisted design and provides a full list of the materials for the remodel, which DreamMaker uses to create an accurate price estimate and a solid timetable for completing the project. Once a remodeling project begins, DreamMaker keeps customers informed about what’s being done, what’s next, and what they can expect.

DreamMaker also coordinates subcontractors, so homeowners don’t have to worry about hiring their own tradesmen and coordinating schedules. They handle everything, which makes the process seamless.

“We want the process to be as gratifying as the result,” Erik says. “No surprises, no delays, just happy customers.”


Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Address: 425 W End Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone Number: (336) 722-3625