Rosey’s Review: Muddy Creek Café

5455 Bethania Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
336.923.8623 |
Check Facebook for hours of operation.

Muddy Creek Café is one of those charming little restaurants that make it fun to go out to eat. Located in Winston-Salem at the corner of Historic Bethania, it offers a glimpse at yesteryear while offering great local flavors and great entertainment. Owners Shana Whitehead and Bill Heath know good food, and they know good music (you must check out the Muddy Creek Music Hall). Together, they’ve built a local favorite, slightly off the beaten path, but always worth a visit.

I always welcome a visit to Muddy Creek Café, and when I heard they were re-designing their menu and adding a few new things, I had to check it out for myself. And, true to form, I was not disappointed!

First – let’s talk drinks. Sure, you can get a Coke at Muddy Creek, but with a great selection of specialty sodas, inspired by the original soft drinks made with cane sugar rather than highly processed sweeteners, why would you? Even better for sweet tea lovers, Muddy Creek’s sweet tea is a favorite among the locals! Shana shared that they make it with real sugar, not syrup as many local restaurants do.

It wouldn’t be a music hall without beer and wine, and Muddy Creek is committed to serving local and regional favorites, including Winston-Salem made Foothills Brewing.

We started with a Mediterranean Plate. A great option for sharing, fresh cut veggies along with warm pita bread are accompanied by a trio of homemade dipping sauces — hummus, cucumber-yogurt tzatziki dip and olive tapenade. Each dip is exceptional in flavor, but since this is a dish designed for sharing, no double dipping!

My new favorite sandwich arrived next: The Sunny Swiss! Rye bread is layered with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, tomato, Swiss cheese and a house-made thousand island. As we welcome spring and the warm weather of summer, I’m sure I won’t be alone in calling this a favorite. It’s the perfect hot-weather kind of sandwich — filling without being heavy.

True Muddy Creek devotees know and appreciate their signature dish: The New South Pimento. House-made pimento cheese has inspired a 5K (check out their Facebook page for details on this year’s Pimento Cheese Throwdown!) Ooey gooey goodness oozes with flavorful perfection on thick slices of sourdough bread. And, I highly recommend kicking it up a notch — order it with spicy bacon! YUM!

Next, our group sampled a new sandwich called The Roma. Oh, the decadent goodness. A pressed Panini, this sandwich is layered with spinach, tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese. Bacon is optional, but Shana knew the right option — with bacon, please. The spicy bacon used on this sandwich lives up to its name — this ain’t your grandma’s Sunday morning bacon!

The Roast Beef Panini has been a “special” for a while, but it’s such a favorite, it’s making its way over to the menu. This is a sandwich that takes the plain ‘ole Philly cheese steak to shame. Fresh peppers and onions have been sautéed in garlic and olive oil and paired with freshly sliced roast beef. Grilled with provolone cheese, it’s a mouthwatering favorite.

All the sandwiches served at Muddy Creek Café are paired with a Miss Jenny pickle wedge. These locally made pickles are delicious and everything a pickle should be. And, many of Muddy Creek’s signature dishes and sauces are flavored with this local favorite, including two of their signature sides!

In addition to a pickle wedge, all sandwiches come with a side — choose from chips, fruit, macaroni salad or potato salad (actually, we chose all of them). The macaroni salad and potato salad are fresh, delicious and are, in a word, classics in their own right. You may be tempted to order a quart for the next family reunion, but I do ask that you give credit where credit is due — support local business, and all that fun stuff!

Four sandwiches and a vegetable plate down, I began to take stock of how much room I had left, but a restaurant reviewer does not back down. Shana presented us with dessert. These locally made desserts are deceptive, though. Let’s start with a favorite at our table — the Gluten Free Chocolate Cake. This cake looks harmless, but boy does it pack a rich, powerful punch! It looks small, but you may want to share this one.

We also tried the locally made Key Lime Pie. This isn’t a dessert I would normally go for, but wow. It was light and sweetly tart; not thick and pasty, as some key lime pies tend to be. I will definitely be getting a slice when I visit again!

I am a self-professed coffee fiend so when Shana brought us a Mocha Butter Bar to try, it took all my self-restraint not to push my co-diner’s forks out of the way and bogart it for myself. In a word — divine.

Finally, the Dried Cherry White Chocolate Cookie. I love cookies, and this one may have ruined me for plain old chocolate chip cookies. These are baked in-house, and the flavors are sophisticated, yet classic.

I love to eat at Muddy Creek Café, and besides the food, I love that Shana and Bill have worked so hard to source as many local and regional ingredients as possible. When it comes to the shop small, shop local movement, you can’t find two bigger advocates than these two! Make plans to visit Muddy Creek Café soon, and be sure to tell them that Rosey sent you!