Seeing Red

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” ~ Bill Blass

My favorite color is red. Yes, I do have several pieces of clothing that are red, and I will say, “I have to be in the right mood to wear red.” Red is a stimulating color. One that gets attention… there is a reason STOP signs and fire engines are red.

It’s February and love is in the air and the color red is everywhere: red Valentine hearts, red roses, red heart-shaped boxes of Valentine chocolates, red cinnamon candy hearts, red candles for a romantic dinner for two, the Red Dress symbol for the American Heart Association, and I’m sure there’s more red in the air.

There is no other color used more to describe things around us: celebrities walk down the red carpet, you might get caught up in red tape, or eat a piece of Red Velvet Cake, read the story of Little Red Riding Hood to your children, rent a movie from Redbox, give blood at the American Red Cross, eat dinner at Red Lobster, enjoy a glass of red wine, try to get the red-eye out of a photo; in fact, you might, like one of my sons-in-law, be a Red Sox fan.

Adding red to your décor may be just the punch you need to make your room come alive. The color red is known to stimulate appetite and conversation and is always good in a dining room or kitchen. Using a shade of red on your front door may also add great curb appeal.

Red is energizing and brings drama to a room. It has been said that, “A blind man can feel the energy in a room painted red.” If you love red but aren’t brave enough to paint the walls of your room, try small touches of red in accessories and fabrics used in the room. The designer rule of threes can be applied here by using the color red three times in the room: throw pillows, vases, art, rug, afghan, etc. Pick one shade of red and stick with it. Seeing red is not a bad thing… look around you – there are many beautiful shades of red to enjoy!

Choose Your Style to Find the Right Shade of Red (

Contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, often red. Use a bold bright red.

Modern design calls for all kinds of reds: from primary hues to classic shades with burgundy or brown undertones.

Traditional design stays away from the primary reds and instead involves burgundy or black tones.

Transitional design relies on a neutral palette, a perfect canvas for pops of red.

Country reds are chalkier and softer: think barn or scarlet reds. Choose reds with pinkish or purplish hues, like the color of a ripening apple.”

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