Service and Faith: The Foundation of Care at Summit Eye Care

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

When Dr. Vic Khemsara bought his practice in 2009 and renamed it Summit Eye Care, he knew three things: first, he wanted to be faithful to God’s plan for his life, second, he wanted to prayerfully ask for direction in all things, and, third he wanted his practice to not only serve others, but be a blessing for them as well. “Faith is the foundation of my practice,” shared Dr. Khemsara. “As a Christian, I want everything in my life, including my business, to have Christ at the center. When He takes the lead, great things happen.” And Christ certainly has led Dr. Khemsara to where he is today.

Originally from Houston, TX, Dr. Khemsara graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He and his wife, along with their two children, moved to Winston-Salem in 2008. “We loved Texas, but wanted to live in an area with four seasons,” shared Dr. Khemsara. “We were also interested in a community with good educational opportunities. My family and I feel that God led us to Winston-Salem and it’s been a tremendous blessing. In addition to opening up the doors to buy the eye practice, God has given us a great church family at Center Grove Baptist Church.”

The move was a blessing for many in our community, including those who work at Summit Eye Care! With a team of 15 employees, including Dr. Khemsara and another eye doctor, Dr. Keith Biggs, Summit Eye Care has grown since 2009. The practice recently moved to a newly renovated office on Trenwest Drive off Stratford Road, making it a central, easy-to-find location for patients throughout Forsyth County. Dr. Biggs received his BS from UNC-Asheville and completed his Doctorate of Optometry from Nova Southeastern University, where he was distinguished as the top graduating student for excellence in primary care. Dr. Biggs grew up in Asheville, NC, and recently relocated to Winston-Salem with his wife and three children.

Moreover, the team is strong, with longevity being the name of the game. Kathy Bolling is the most senior employee and serves as Practice Administrator at Summit Eye Care. She has been in the business for over 30 years, including when it was led by another doctor and under a different name. “I’ve seen a lot of changes at Summit Eye Care,” shared Bolling. “Dr. Khemsara has done an excellent job of growing while staying focused on patient care.” Teena Strader, a technician, has been with the practice for 10 + years, and chooses to drive 50 minutes each way to work because of her love for the practice, staff, and patients.

“All of my eye care needs are met at Summit Eye Care. Dr. Khemsara and his friendly staff are the best!” ~Bobbie George

Beyond seeking guidance from God on the day-to-day, Dr. Khemsara is very committed to patient care. “We take pride in caring for each patient,” said Dr. Khemsara. “Eye care is a service-oriented business, helping others maximize the gift of sight. Correcting vision issues and maintaining healthy eyes is a service that we take very seriously.”

Indeed, the CDC reports that only 15% of children get an eye exam and only 22% receive vision screening. However, most Americans rate vision as the most important of the five senses! So having a professional like Dr. Khemsara and his team in our community is critically important – because education of the patients is a priority at Summit Eye Care.

“I have had cataracts on both eyes removed and lenses implanted by Dr. Khemsara. I am very pleased with the outcome, and my eyesight is very good now. The very best part is no more glasses! Everything was totally explained to my satisfaction and the procedures both went well. A very good choice if you need an eye doctor.” ~Terry Ransome

Teresa Midkiff has served as Surgical Coordinator at Summit Eye Care for the last four years. “I handle all the paperwork for our patients’ surgeries,” said Midkiff, “but I also have the opportunity to clarify the doctors’ recommendations, explain the options, and guide patients through the process. It’s a very rewarding experience.”

In addition to educating the patients, getting their feedback is also a priority. All patients are sent an after-visit survey to complete, and on the rare occasion when a concern arises, the staff at Summit Eye Care are quick to investigate. Questions are asked, and a resolution is sought. However, a quick review of the Facebook and Google Plus ratings of Summit Eye Care shows that patients love Dr. Khemsara and the team!

“We were greeted warmly. The appointment began on time. The staff was friendly, attentive and professional. Dr. Khemsara presented information in a good news kind of way and offered a clear path to correct my cataracts.” ~Abbot O. Joseph

Terry Illingworth has been with Summit Eye Care for two years. He serves as the clinical manager and manages all the technicians in the office. On average, they see 80 patients per day and are the first (after the front desk) to provide care and service to the patients. “I have been in this industry for 23 years,” said Illingworth. “We have an experienced team that works well together to create a great patient experience.”

Ashley Brown, a senior technician, concurs. “We meet so many different people, and each situation is different. Before we hand the patient over to the doctor’s care, we do the preliminary testing, learn about medications the patients are taking, and examine their current eyewear.” Brown reports that what she loves best about her job is knowing that first and foremost, the people matter most. “Dr. Khemsara is a businessman, but he runs his business with a servant’s heart for people.”

“I have been to several eye doctors trying to find someone to give me a contact lens option for my particular eye problems…Other doctors told me that they had no options for me and I would have to wear glasses the rest of my life… then I found Summit Eye Care. The team at Summit Eye Care was professional and caring.   They listened. They heard.   They found a solution for me! I am happy to say that I am now wearing contact lenses and can see perfectly.” ~Michelle Peruski

Dr. Khemsara shares, “Keeping up to date with all the latest technology enables us to meet the needs of patients promptly, and offer solutions that others may not know about.” Summit Eye Care has made it a priority to invest in the tools needed to do the job, which in turn, serves as an investment in patient care.

“We cannot afford to not search out every option,” said Dr. Khemsara. “When we show, through our knowledge, equipment, and professionalism, that we care about each individual’s needs, then that reassures our patients that we’re going to do all we can do to help them find solutions. We live in a beautiful world; we want everyone to be able to enjoy the gift of sight so they can fully appreciate the world around them!”

Summit Eye Care is located 3073 Trenwest Drive, parallel to Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Call them at 336.765.0960, or visit them online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!