The View, July 2017

Happy July, everyone! WOW, I cannot believe how 2017 is flying by! Our team jokes about how we’re always so far ahead in the calendar, we lose track of where we actually are in the year. Now that we’re at the halfway mark of the year, we’re not just months ahead; we’re into next year! We love what we do, though! Every day is a new adventure!

And speaking of adventure – Tanner has officially begun his! He accepted a position in Charlotte, and we are absolutely thrilled that he found a job in NC. You may remember from last month’s View that we had recently visited Texas and anticipated a move out of state! Tim and I are so proud that he was able to secure such a great job right out of college; we know he’s got a bright future ahead!

For his move, we used American Moving, and it was so timely since they are our cover story! Our family and several of our friends have used American Moving and they are exceptional. We are always thrilled with their commitment, care, and professionalism. Please make sure you check out their cover story!

Many of you have asked about Robin, and how she’s doing. In late May, she had her double mastectomy and had her thyroid removed. What can I say? Robin is a rock star. We knew that before the surgery, but her positive attitude and strength are beyond incredible. I’m so proud to call her a friend, and a sister of my heart. Please continue to lift her up in prayer; her next phase in the road of recovery will include radiation.

July is the time for summer travel and vacations; if that’s you, please have a safe and wonderful holiday! The great news – you can take us with you! Be sure to pack copies of Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family. We’d love to get pictures of you reading, wherever in the world you go, for our Facebook Reader Album!

And, of course, speaking of travel, have you given any thought to traveling with us to Mexico in January? We have a recap of the Top 10 Reasons you should join us in this issue. If you haven’t made your travel plans yet, we hope you’ll do so soon! This is going to be an incredible and memorable vacation! We can’t wait to go!

That’s it for now! Please be sure to let our advertisers know you saw them in this month’s issue! They love to hear their advertising dollars are well spent, and since we can’t do this without them, we love it when you give that feedback! It’s win-win-win! They know they have invested wisely. We know we’re benefiting local businesses, as well as our readers. And you learn about great local businesses to support!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July! Thank you for reading!