Our Wig Boutique Helping You with Your Mane Event

No matter if you are a man or woman, your hair is your crowning glory, so to lose it or to have it become thin can be devastating. We all want to look our best and have confidence in the way we greet each day, and with hair issues, one’s confidence can be affected. Denise Grantham and Billie-Jo Woolard of Our Wig Boutique have over forty years of experience in the wig retail industry between them, assisting their clients with their ‘mane’ events daily.

Denise Grantham worked for Chic Wig Boutique for 33 years and her daughter, Billie Jo Tutterow, joined her in the business 18 years ago. When Chic Wig closed their doors, the mother-daughter team decided that, due to the high demand in the area for their specialty services, they would continue the business under the new name, ‘Our Wig Boutique.’ After a grand re-opening in January of this year, Our Wig Boutique is as busy as ever!

“We have a large clientele due to the different reasons for hair loss and thinning. Many of our clients just enjoy changing their looks conveniently with wigs and hairpieces. Ninety-nine percent of our wigs are synthetic, from different vendors. Our clients like synthetic wigs because they are already styled, where human hair wigs require regular styling. If you are losing your hair due to a medical condition, are experiencing thinning hair or just want to have a different look, Our Wig Boutique offers free consultations with no appointment necessary. We also encourage our clients to call or drop in if they have any questions about the styling and care of their wig,” said Denise Grantham. Our Wig Boutique offers lines for men and women with over 200 wigs on display and 800 plus in stock, with new lines being offered for men and women.

“We are very excited about our new line of toppers that cater to all stages of hair loss and thinning. For our male clientele, we have a new line of HIM wigs, and we are available to help our clients with choosing the wig or hairpiece that best suits their needs and the look they want to achieve. With the synthetic wigs that we offer, not only are they pre-styled, but the style and shape bounce back when you wash them. Over the years, technology has changed wigs, too, and the fiber is so good that most people think it’s human hair when they touch it. Living in the south, we all are affected by the weather and humidity, but synthetic wigs keep their shape and volume no matter the weather conditions. Other advancements include the cap construction to suit clients’ needs and to ensure they look natural,” Billie-Jo commented.

One visit to Our Wig Boutique will leave you impressed with not only the selection of wigs and hairpieces, but with Denise and Billie-Jo’s expertise. “We really work with our clients to address any questions or concerns they have and encourage them to take their time making their selections. We are a family business, and our clients become part of our family. For our clients who are experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions, choosing a wig can be emotional, and we want to be here to take care of any concerns they may have. It means a lot to us when our clients stop by for just a visit to chat about their life. Helping our clients feel better is what we are about,” stated Denise.

Our Wig Boutique is located at 3246 Silas Creek Crossing (across from A.C Moore). Hours of operations: Mon-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm; Sat, 10 am – 5 pm. For more information, contact them at 336-765-5806 or via email at ourwigboutique.com. Follow their Facebook page and look for their website coming soon.