10 Years of ReDesigning with Ava

Ava Lewandowski has been redesigning since 2005, but this month marks a milestone for her business. May 2017 is the 10th anniversary of her monthly column in Forsyth Woman! Throughout the years, Ava has contributed her expertise with generosity and kindness, earning a loyal following from Forsyth Woman readers. In honor of the occasion, Ava has updated her debut piece, “Life is Too Short to Live with Beige and White.” Congratulations, Ava, and thank you, for ten years with Forsyth Woman! We love you and appreciate your support!

Ava Lewandowski is one of those people who radiates empathy, warmth, and compassion. She has a genuine love for people that is evident from the moment you meet her. With a servant’s heart for others, coupled with her natural gift for decorating, she’s forged a business that puts a unique spin on interior decorating. “I consider my business a ministry,” shared Ava.

It comes naturally for her. “I have always loved to re-arrange furniture, pictures, and accent pieces,” said Ava. She laughed as she continued, “People think it sounds odd, but I actually like to clean the house because it gives me a chance to move things around.”

ReDesigns by Ava started when a friend asked Ava to help her decorate her house. Ava spent three days with her friend, helping get things in order, and after she was finished, it occurred to her, “I think I could make this a business.”

Ava went through several workshops and training seminars to become a certified redesigner. “My training taught me the ‘why’ behind some of the things I naturally did.”

Today, Ava keeps up to date by visiting many home stores and searching the Internet. However, while she’s well-versed in the latest trends, Ava’s style is not trendy. “Styles come and go,” she said. “I want to help someone find ways to make their home livable, comfortable, and beautiful for years to come – not just until next season!”

While many may think that hiring an interior designer is out of their price range, Ava’s approach makes it affordable. “A redesign is using the best of what you already have,” said Ava. “I love to help people rediscover the beauty of things they may have tucked away in the attic or basement, simply because they didn’t know what to do with them!”

“For a woman, a house becomes a home when she’s put her own signature style on it,” said Ava. “Decorating is personal. Not only should an individual’s interests and passion show in the home, but the home has to remain functional for a family’s lifestyle. When I am called to help, some of the questions I ask include, ‘Who uses the space?’ ‘How much time will be spent in that room?’ ‘What is the purpose of the room?’ ‘What interests need to be showcased in the home?’ What are the style preferences of the individuals living in the space?'”

“Women and men have very different approaches to decorating,” said Ava. “While a woman is focused on the visual aesthetics, men are drawn to function. So if a room doesn’t accommodate both needs, neither party is happy.”

And clients love her ‘use what you have’ approach. “We may supplement a few accent pieces, but I’m very budget conscious. And when I shop, I don’t upcharge the purchases, but I extend my decorator’s discount on to my clients.”

Ava’s services aren’t limited to home redesigns – she also offers help with home staging. “When a family is preparing to sell their house, I can help make it more marketable to a potential buyer by simply re-arranging a few things, and highlighting the best features in a home.”

Ava’s specialty, is, of course, designing with the resources that are available, but she’s also available to help with large-scale remodels and add-ons.

Beyond redesigns, much of Ava’s business is in color and fabric consulting. “I am often called in to help choose paint colors, and then fabrics for custom pillows, throws, and window treatments. I can help guide someone’s vision in the right direction that will create the look they are hoping to achieve.”

“Helping someone decorate their home is a deeply personal experience, and often, my clients share personal stories with me. I’ve been blessed on many occasions with new friendships, and in some cases, I’ve been able to pray for someone as they go through difficult situations. God gave me a gift for decorating, and it’s a privilege to use it to help others!”

Learn more about ReDESIGNS by Ava at ReDesignsByAva.com. Her website includes a list of classes and examples of her work. Call 336.712.0515 or email ReDesignsByAva@SalemGlenCC.net.