2nd Dibs Furniture

“My dad, Frank McGraw, and I opened 2nd Dibs to honor  the memories we shared with my mother and to create a store she would be proud of,” said Owner Lindsay Owen. “My parents have loved antique furniture longer than I have been alive. They have hunted, bought, decorated with and sold antiques on and off my whole life. What has always been a hobby for them quickly turned into a passion. As I grew up, I knew I had acquired my mom’s love and gift for decorating. She and I were always coming up with ideas for our own business to do  together. In August of 2009, our lives drastically changed when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and, after a courageous battle, she passed away in May of 2010. As therapy, my dad turned to their lifelong passion of ‘antiquing’ to pass the time. I would tell him what I needed for my house, and he would find it for me. I started ‘restyling’ the pieces he found to fit my style. Quickly, we filled up his garage and a storage building with these, what we now refer to as ‘treasures.’ After several months of this, and with the support of a wonderful husband and two very understanding children, I quit my full-time job to concentrate on our adventure — 2nd Dibs! We started setting up at craft shows, advertising on sites like Craigslist and Facebook, and got our own website. After about a year, we realized if we wanted to reach our goals, we really needed a storefront. After lots of prayer and a huge leap of faith, here we are!”

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