3 Different Ways to Style Your White Jeans



Spring is here, and that means tank tops, flowy dresses, sandals and…white jeans. White denim is a staple in my closet because of the versatility it offers. During the spring and summer months, I wear my white jeans at least three to four times a week.

The key to rocking your white jeans is to find the perfect pair that fits you and your style just right. My number one rule: do not go tight. Too tight white jeans are very unflattering and in the sunlight can even be see-through. That’s a definite no-no. Buy white jeans in the right size for you, and that may mean going one size above your normal size. Don’t buy denim because it’s your size; size is just a number, buy the denim that FITS.

Another tip? Buy quality white denim. Poor quality white jeans can be very thin and thus, show every lump and bump. This does not mean that you have to spend $200 on a pair of jeans. Look for thicker white jeans that have quite a bit of stretch in them. I like to check the tag and look for rayon or spandex to make sure they have enough give in them to make me feel comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of white “legging” jeans because they are basically white workout pants. Over time, these can become saggy, and the fabric starts to thin out.

When in doubt, try it out! I know it can be intimidating to buy denim, much less white denim, and I cannot tell you how many friends of mine have said, “I can’t wear white jeans!” When I ask them why, and they have no response, we go shopping and find them a great fitting pair. They don’t want to take them off and wear them all season long! Try on lots of different styles by going to a department store where white jeans run aplenty.

There are so many ways to wear your white jeans, but I thought I would share three of my favorite looks.

Look #1: Ladies Who Brunch. This is definitely my go-to outfit for the spring. Put on a pair of crisp white jeans, throw on a feminine tunic, cute flats and I’m ready for brunch and shopping. All I need now is a glass of Prosecco in my hand. ☺  Be careful when buying tunics because sometimes you can have the tent effect, not giving you any waist. I like to buy tunics that have a cinched-in middle or a streamlined fit with the waist coming in. This gives a flattering look and the classic hourglass silhouette.

Look #2: Dazzling Date Night. Summer date nights are magical, aren’t they? I usually choose a fun tank top and heels to wear on my summer date nights with my husband. This feathery tank is one of my favorites because it combines two of my loves: feathers and lace. Since my white jeans aren’t fitted at the ankle, I like to roll mine up to showcase my pretty shoes and give a different look.

Look #3: Spring Time Hangout. Okay, y’all, a button-up and boots is about as sporty as this girl gets. I love this look for a spring cookout when the weather is still a little chilly. Tuck in a cute, patterned button down and add some tall boots. Make sure your button down has pattern or color, so your personality can shine through.

I hope you will give white jeans a try this year or, if you already love them, maybe I have inspired you to try a new outfit and to have fun with fashion. My most important tip ever: rock your white jeans with confidence and sass!