6 Characteristics of a Great Realtor: Chrystal Yates

When one begins a new career, they don’t expect their industry to come to a screeching halt within the first couple of years. But when it does, and if you survive the crash, you can rest assured – tenacity and perseverance will pay off for your clients. Meet Chrystal Yates. She’s a realtor with Allen Tate and has been in the industry for 11 years. Moreover, she survived the housing market crash when even veterans of the industry did not. Beyond her determination, much of Chrystal’s success is rooted in the top characteristics of a good realtor.

Honesty and Integrity

Critical to any career path is trust. But with real estate, it’s a little more personal. Chrystal is helping people find their homes! She’s helping families sell the place where years of memories have been made. Having the trust of her clients is of paramount importance and is something Chrystal does not take lightly. “My personality is direct,” shared Chrystal. “I expect honesty from others. Therefore I deliver it.”

Knowledge of the Purchase Process

“There are so many steps involved,” said Chrystal. “From the looking stage to the negotiation stage, to the contract and closing… I have to be an expert on all of it. And in my 11 years in the business, I’ve found one thing to be true – the process may be set, but no situation is textbook. Having the industry knowledge enables me to roll with the punches, and find solutions through each step.”


Chrystal is a bit old-school when it comes to her business. She is a do-it-herself person who believes in calling back in a timely fashion, and addressing issues as they come up – she doesn’t let grass grow under her feet! “Communication is the foundation of my business,” she said. “I believe a timely response to questions, offers, and issues is of the utmost importance. My clients are making the largest purchases of their lives when they hire me, so I certainly think they deserve a timely response when they need me.”

Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

The process is one thing, but knowing the product is another. “I’m a Clemmons-girl,” said Chrystal. “I was born and raised in Forsyth County, so I know our area and the surrounding counties. When my clients have a specific idea in mind, my knowledge of the community is of tremendous value because I know where to go to find what they need.” In addition to Chrystal’s knowledge of the area, she understands houses. She understands the personal aspect of this kind of purchase.

Negotiation Skills

“Those who are buying or selling are often overwhelmed by the process,” said Chrystal. “They don’t want to scare off a prospective buyer or seller, but they want the best deal possible.” Indeed, having an advocate to handle negotiations is a priority! After all, how often do we need to truly negotiate? Most people are accustomed to going into a store and buying something for the asking price. But that’s rarely the case with real estate. Buyers and sellers both need someone who is assertive and who can advise. They need someone who can make recommendations for counteroffers and who can help them navigate the uncertain waters of real estate negotiation.

People Skills

“I’ve worked with all types of personalities,” said Chrystal. “I’ve learned to study my clients, and I do my best to adjust my work style to their expectations. For instance, I have clients who simply aren’t going to communicate electronically. So, I call. I have others who want to communicate via text, so I text. My job is to work with them in the way that is best for them.”

It’s little wonder that when people hire Chrystal to help them find a home, she’s often the one they call when it’s time to sell that home. “That’s a tremendous compliment that I don’t undervalue,” said Chrystal. “I know my clients have options, but I’m deeply appreciative that they choose me.”

Chrystal Yates is a part of Allen Tate. Visit her online at AllenTate.com/ChrystalYates. You can email her at Chrystal.Yates@AllenTate.com or call 336.339.3873.



“Chrystal was an invaluable resource to my husband and me. When we decided to sell our house after almost 20 years, she gave great advice, guided us through every step, helped us understand the options available to us, and best of all, found us a buyer within 13 days of the house being on the market. We could not be more thrilled with the offer, and there aren’t enough ‘thank you’s’ in the world to express our gratitude for all of Chrystal’s help!” ~Keela and Tim