7 Ways to Make Gift Giving Even Better


(Simply Sterling & Company’s very own Chief Bottle Washer, Wearer of All Hats, Pun-Master, Hug-Monger, Bat Crazy Momma of Many and Holder of Your Heart if you will let her!)


So here we are… the countdown is on. Every day is one day closer to that special gift giving day…are you ready? Can’t say that I am either. I am on a mission, however, to check that off my to-do list sooner than later so that I might be able to enjoy the holiday season more than past years when the gift purchasing was push to shove, and it felt more a job than the joy of giving. Where are you on your checklist? If you need a little assistance in keeping the sentiment in the season, try on any one of these seven thoughts for a more fruitful gift giving experience!

LOVE… this one is easy. It is the origin of how and why this all started. Love entered this world so many years ago and is the core of our mere existence. Our first and foremost direction of shopping is always for our loved ones, those we hold near and dear to our hearts. These purchases tend to be easier. We give each of our loved ones a gift to remind them of how much they are loved by the “giving,” but not by the size of the gift. Listen to your heart and think of each and every one of them and how much they mean to you as you are searching for that special gift.

Giving without JOY makes it rather senseless. This is one of the purest happy feelings one can have while out and about during this season. Love is why you are shopping, and joy is the feeling you get as you find that “just right” item and envision them opening it with glee!

Have PEACE within yourself on your decisions…remember that breaking the bank is not the answer. No one on your list would want you to do that anyway. So, work within your means and if you need to break “homemaker” and be a little creative this year…you have my permission! If you are purchasing on “size matters,” re-think this for your own benefit. Listening to your heart and going with your gut are two of the most tried and true instincts of good decision making.

The hurry scurry at this time of the year can draw even the calmest to the edge. Remember to be a good witness. Try and have more PATIENCE with the world – you don’t know their story, but your reaction to their impatience could change their next chapter.

There are definitely people in your life that aren’t on your love list, but you have a personal connection to them, whether it’s your delivery person, an elderly neighbor, an unsung hero or favorite bagger at your local grocery…think outside your shopping box. Showing someone KINDNESS with a token gift during this season, or at any time for that matter, can have the most beautiful effect on a person – actually on both of you! Giving is such a wonderful act in itself, it’s an act of love on the most basic level and, as we all know, love wins every time!

Goodness gracious, oh, the choices we will be given from which to choose. Of course, there will be something for everyone in shopping arenas galore. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself a recipient of someone’s goodness…and always be a gracious receiver. Let your GOODNESS this season motivate you to be a blessing to many.

FAITHFULNESS is a lot like loyalty…but goes much deeper. So in your shopping excursions, remember to be faithful to your local small businesses. They are the fiber of your community, and your dollar is more likely to stay local. Small businesses take a lot of pride in their endeavors, and your support speaks volumes and validates their hard work.

These are all simple gifts with beautiful complex outcomes that will make your season, and everyone in your path much, much brighter!

So, if you might be wondering if there is an eighth gift….well, check out page 49 for a gift from me to you!

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