8 Reasons Google Place Pages are Important to Your Business

When doing a Google search, have you ever wondered how the companies get listed locally and the map appears?  Do you want your business to be included in the list that pops up high on the search page?  Follow along to learn why being on that list is critically important to getting your business found!

There are three kinds of search results on Google:

  1. Google Organic Results (orange box)
  2. Google Ads (red box)
  3. Google Local (blue box)

For the greatest long term benefit, being #1 on Organic Results should be your goal, but using a Google Place Page will at least get your name on the first page of searches with a minimal investment. However, you should note, Google Local is NOT always displayed on search results. It depends if the keyword being searched is typically connected to an industry that has LOCAL retail stores/offices/shops.

For example, searching “How to sell on eBay” is going to produce Google Organic Results and possibly Google Ads. But there are NO retail stores that “sell” this product. However, if I were to search for “Mechanics Winston-Salem” I would find all three kinds of results (including Google Local).

Google Local is the area that has a list of addresses that are connected to a visual map of the area. To be listed on Google Local, you must have a Google Place Page. This page is similar to a Facebook page, but it’s on Google, and is a free service that is offered by Google.

8 Reasons Google Local OR your Google Place Page is Important to Your Business

  1. In the long run, you want to rank as high as you can on Google Organic search because that number one spot will earn you 33% of the traffic. And having a Google Place Page will help you rank higher in Google Organic Search.
  2. Google Local is listed above Google Organic Search and is often the first thing people see.
  3. Google Local on a smartphone offers quick and easy ways for customers to CALL or DRIVE to your location immediately.
  4. Google Local lists your Reviews and Rating from your Google Place Page. Would you rather buy from someone with a 5 star rating OR no rating at all?
  5. Once you have a few reviews, the stars become COLORFUL and more visible to users.
  6. Reviews help build trust. People buy from people who they trust.
  7. If you have a Google Place Page that is connected to your website and people search for your company, say for example “Nu expression,” your reviews and Google stars will be extremely visible, which will help build trust.
  8. Google Place Pages help authenticate your website address which will lead to a higher ranking on Google Organic search.

To build your Google Place Page, go to www.google.com/business.  Google does a good job at walking you through the steps to create your page, but if you need any assistance, we’d be glad to help.  Give us a call at 336.765.5505.


Jan Allison is a monthly contributing writer to Forsyth Woman.  Jan has a passion for helping small businesses succeed.  Each month’s articles will focus on different topics important to local business owners.  If you have a topic you would like to see discussed, please send her an email at jallison@nuexpression.com.