A Story of True Love

Most of us have heard the saying “you don’t choose love, love chooses you.” Well, in Briana Bralley and Jonathan Holt’s relationship…love was certainly calling the shots! The love they share is unlike most in that it began in middle school.

“We really got to know each other on our 8th grade field trip at the end of the year,” said Jonathan. “What attracted me to Briana was that she was so open and easy to talk to because I did not have an easy time talking to girls in middle school. I loved that she was willing to talk to me when most others would not. Also, it is sort of a given, but what really attracted me was the fact that she was attractive, and I thought that she was one of the prettiest girls in our school.”

58-SurpriseEngagement2242-SFW“What attracted me to Jonathan was his sense of humor,” said Briana. “He was always making me laugh and made me feel like I was so pretty. Obviously he was handsome, and he has the prettiest blue eyes.”

Like most successful relationships, theirs progressed slowly…very slowly! They dated throughout high school and college and graduate school.

“I knew that I wanted to propose about five years ago, but it just wasn’t feasible at that time,” said Jonathan. “We were both still in college, and it was just too early to try and plan a wedding while we were both still in school. Planning the proposal took about two to three months because there were a lot of moving parts to coordinate. Briana’s schedule was never consistent because she was unable to make her own schedule as a nurse, so that was the first hurdle to jump. After a plan was created, getting everyone on board did not take very long. The engagement day was long and hot, but it became the happiest day of my life. Nervously excited is the best way I could describe it because I wanted everything to work perfectly, but I knew that there were so many things to get right. In the end, the day was special and unforgettable.”

58-SurpriseEngagement2305-SFWAfter years of dating, Briana and Jonathan knew an engagement was the next step…but Jonathan still knew how to surprise his favorite person in the world! “I was so surprised; I thought I was going to have a photo shoot with my sister and a couple friends for Mainstream Boutique,” said Briana. “Little did I know that Jonathan had planned the best, most perfect proposal ever. It was so sweet and thoughtful that both of our families and some friends could be a part of the big proposal.”

Though love chose Briana and Jonathan, they are choosing marriage for some very special reasons! “I want to marry Briana because she is my best friend and, without a doubt, my soul mate,” said Jonathan. “I have never met anybody else I would want to spend the rest of my life with, and I truly believe that she is the love of my life.”

“I want to marry Jonathan because he loves me unconditionally, and I have so much fun with him,” said Briana. “He keeps me laughing and truly is my other half. He helps me be the best me I can be.”

Congratulations, Briana and Jonathan! The entire Forsyth Magazines family is so excited for you both!