Alexander’s Automotive & Towing: Giving Thanks to the Clemmons Community

In 1985, Mark Alexander moved to Clemmons, North Carolina from Richmond, Virginia and opened the Sunoco Station by Interstate 40. Little did he know, 32 years later, he would be still living in Clemmons, a community that has given him so much, and working in the automotive industry, a trade he fell in love with during high school and college.

“Thirty-two years ago, I moved here from Richmond, and I’m still in the same great community where my family lives. My sister is the owner of the Clemmons Country Store, and my father took over the Lewisville Texaco after his retirement. We all have fallen in love with this area and feel so blessed to be here,” said Alexander.

His love for being a part of the Clemmons community prompted Alexander to open Alexander’s Automotive & Towing 16 years ago. Working with him is his manager and best friend, Dean Carter. The pair have been working together for more than a decade. Alexander’s Automotive & Towing provides customers with traditional automotive services, including oil changes, state inspections, transmission rebuilding, and repairs. They also offer a U-Haul rental on-site. Alexander’s Automotive & Towing’s U-Haul vehicles include cargo, utility, car, and motorcycle trailers, as well as all the necessary towing supplies. Lastly, the business is a propane tank refill station.

“I’m in the business to help people. Most people fear the auto repair business when their car breaks down. This is because of the rip-off stories you hear time and time again. If you bring your automobile to my shop, I’m going to do all I can to help you in a fair and honest way,” said Alexander.

Alexander and his team have created a special bond with the Clemmons community. Customers have become friends and keep coming back for their automotive needs. According to Alexander, this area has taught him the true meaning of community and being a part of something bigger than himself.

“I love getting to know my customers. It’s fun to see families grow up and let us help them at different stages of their lives, such as when kids grow up and then need U-Hauls for moving into college. I enjoy what I do and being a part of this great community. They have provided me with so much,” said Alexander.

Alexander credits the success of his business to his dedicated customers. He states he wouldn’t still be in business or have made it through all the tough times without them.

“I am fortunate enough to be here and still be in business, and I owe all that to my customers. I can’t give enough thanks for all the help and support the Clemmons community has shown to Alexander’s Automotive & Towing. I have gotten humble with age. Now, I have begun to see how truly fortunate and blessed I am, especially when I think back to how it all got started in 1985,” said Alexander.

His love and gratitude for the community motivate Alexander to provide the best service possible to people in the area. If you are ever in need of a car fix, Alexander’s Automotive & Towing is the place to go. Alexander, Carter, and the rest of their team will take care of you and your car from start to finish.

“Life’s a growing up process, and this process has made me see how great life is. I owe a lot to Clemmons and the surrounding areas. My mission is to give back honest work to a community that has helped me so much. I wouldn’t still be here 32 years later if I wasn’t truly trying to help those around me,” said Alexander.

Alexander’s Automotive & Towing is located at 1601 Lewisville-Clemmons Road in Clemmons. Reach the automotive shop at 336-766-5658 or 336-766-5005; for U-Haul rentals, call 336-766-2132.