American Moving Has Glowing Testimonials!

When Carolina native Melanie Mitchell moved to another state, she had no idea that less than five years later, she and her husband would be making plans to come home. “I was thrilled when my husband agreed that going back to North Carolina would make the most sense for our family. The moment he said ‘Yes!’ I began packing.” The mammoth to-do list involved in planning an out-of-state move included finding a moving company. “I looked online and found the process of looking for a reputable moving company to be daunting,” said Melanie. “I called several places, and no one would return my call or send me a quote.” Finally, after having no success, Melanie began to look for a moving company in NC. Though several people thought it seemed odd to have the movers originate from another state, Melanie said, “It was six of one, half a dozen of the other! Either way, the moving company was going to do a round trip.” Always a fan of Forsyth Woman magazine, and having kept up with the magazine online since relocating, Melanie remembered an advertiser for moving, and called American Moving and Hauling. Amy Cushman, the owner of the business, was responsive and, moreover, Melanie finally got the quote she needed.

She booked the date and continued packing. Melanie was already impressed by Amy’s timely responses every time she had a question, but was even happier to learn that a friend had experience with American Moving and Hauling. Shelley Hundley had used them twice before. “Each time I worked with American Moving,” shared Shelley, “they walked in the door, and I felt like I was seeing old friends, even when they were all new faces. They are always friendly, well-mannered, neat, and organized. They care about your items as if they are their own. I told Melanie that she couldn’t have made a better choice! I wouldn’t pick any other moving company because they are undoubtedly the best!”

When moving day arrived, Melanie was on her own. Her husband had already found a new job in Winston-Salem and had moved ahead of her. After driving all day the day before, the truck was promptly on time at 8 AM. Melanie greeted them, and after giving a quick walk-through of the 3-bedroom house, the guys got started. According to Melanie, “I pretty much just got out of their way. Around noon, when they showed no signs of slowing down, I ordered them a pizza and made them stop and eat. By 2:30, the truck was loaded, and they were headed south with the entire contents of my house! I couldn’t believe how efficient they were, and no doubt – I’d put money on any of these guys in a Tetris competition!”

By the time Melanie arrived at her new home in Winston-Salem, her husband and mother had just finished waving good-bye to the American Moving team. They had arrived at the new house and unloaded as efficiently as they had packed up the old house the day before! Best of all, said Melanie, “Absolutely nothing was damaged!”

While Shelley used their service for local moves, she nonetheless concurred. “During my last move, I wasn’t ready for them when they arrived. Amy was on my front steps, and I burst into tears. She gave me a hug, and told me we were going to get it all taken care of! Then she and the guys got to work! They started packing the rest of our things and loaded the truck. They took extreme care of our items and went out of their way to make sure that I was not just satisfied with their services, but was happy with them.”

Melanie and Shelley both have nothing but positive things to say about their experiences with American Moving Company. While both women hope they won’t be moving again any time soon, if they need to, they both know who they will be calling.

“Moving is stressful enough,” said Melanie. “Knowing you can trust the people you hire to take care of your belongings is a great gift. I appreciate Amy and her team so much. This was a very challenging time and from the moment I contacted her and began this process, I knew I had made the right choice. If any of my friends need a referral for a moving company, I won’t recommend anyone else.”

American Moving and Hauling is a woman-owned business located at 535 E Clemmonsville Rd, Ste E in Winston-Salem. Call them at 765-3499 or visit online at They’re also on Facebook!