American Moving & Hauling – Woman Owned & Operated

Moving — you are excited about a new home, or a new job, or a new adventure. Or, sad to leave your beloved home, your friends, and the town you love. Either way, moving is stressful. There is so much to consider. Will this furniture work in the new place? Will this piece of art t anywhere? Do you need to take this or that? Do you have enough boxes? How do you make sure this won’t get broken? Most importantly, whom do you call? The answer to the last question is easy — American Moving and Hauling.

While managing a storage facility, Amy Cushman recognized the need for a dependable moving service for people moving in or out of their storage unit. Starting with two men, Cushman offered “labor only” services and rented trucks. As her reputation for running a quality service grew, so did her business. Now, more than 11 years later, American Moving and Hauling is a full-service moving company. “Our local moves, 35 miles or less and within 45 miles of our location, are charged based on an hourly rate and size of crew,” said Cushman. “Charges for moves over 35 miles are based on weight and distance. If manpower or help packing is all you need, we can also supply that for an hourly rate. We will move you anywhere in North Carolina and the east coast within an 800-mile range.”

In a male-dominated business, many clients are surprised to learn that American Moving and Hauling is owned and operated by a woman. “It can be dif cult, however, it is also very rewarding,” said Cushman. “For example, many people choose us for that very reason. They are surprised and impressed, and with an 80% woman customer base, it really shows how women support other women!”

Moving furniture, appliances, and other large, heavy items requires muscle. So, not only does Cushman run a business that is primarily run by men but, of her 24 full-time employees, only two are female. Being a female boss to a large group of males could be dif cult, but Cushman has made it work. “It is rewarding and challenging,” said Cushman. “Women are expected to be nurturing, but you also have to be tough. I care about my guys, but I am still their boss. I respect everyone and that, in turn, earns me the same respect. We truly are like a family here. We even do things together outside of work, and we all get along and love one another. We have a ton of great personalities here that make work seem not so much like work. Also, we really get to know our employees and enjoy doing so.”

Respect is a key element in making a business run smoothly and be successful. Cushman not only has earned that from her employees but from her clients, as well. From the rst meeting until the last box is placed in its new space, American Moving and Hauling has garnered accolades for its professionalism, care, value, and work ethic. It is no surprise that the company has experienced a large growth since its beginning. Although pleased with its success, it was hard for Cushman to turn loose of some of the day-to-day operations. “We have recently purchased new trucks and hired two new people in the of ce,” said Cushman. “This has been different for me because I have always handled EVERYTHING. It hard letting the reins loose a little, but after working 80-90 hour weeks for almost a year, it was time! And now we also have 24 employees. It’s been a big growth!”

American Moving and Hauling is a member of the North Carolina Movers Association, Inc., has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is fully licensed and insured. If you have a move in your future, you need to call American Moving and Hauling. You will be glad you did!

American Moving and Hauling is located at 535 East Clemmonsville Road, Suite E, in Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336.765.3499 or visit the website at