“An Affair to Remember” Month Includes Complication, Communication, and Love

Love is rarely picture perfect. In fact, one of the greatest romantic films of all time is brimming with complication and unpredictability. It doesn’t matter if you are happily married or making plans for the future, questioning a current relationship or simply unattached and hopeful. Sometimes, the simplest message, the greatest lines, or the belief in love is all we need to take a giant leap of faith forward. Yes, welcome to the month of gifts, confectionaries, and flowers bountiful in sizes and colors. “An Affair to Remember” Month helps guide us through complication and perhaps allows us to see our relationships more clearly. Love rarely comes with a great script; yet, you can be an exceptional leading actor in your own love story.

Playing the role of Terry McKay, the beautiful Deborah Kerr asks the dashing Cary Grant’s character, “What makes life so difficult?” Without hesitation, Nickie Ferrante answers with one word, “People.” Fifty-nine years after the movie’s premier, our need to instantly communicate through phone calls, text messages, emails, and posting on social media sites hinders our most important relationship.
The answer is quite simple. It is time to walk away from the digital world and direct our most important thoughts and words towards the ones we can reach out and touch. The first step is to eliminate technology during meals, and then, perhaps, limit your time checking in, texting, and responding to news feeds.

Other things you can do:

  • Start writing love notes – a few words or a full page.
  • Show your attentiveness by adding a lighted candle, flowers, or two wine glasses to the dinner table.  

Making Plans

As our days are full and our nights are spent feeling overworked and exhausted, the line “We’d be fools to let happiness pass us by,” resonates a need to make important changes. How often do you cancel your plans or change your intentions until an undeclared time? It’s time to capitalize on happiness by making plans.

One of the best ways to improve your relationship is to change your schedule. Once a month, commit to a date night. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Dining out is not the only avenue to create romance. The two of you can always take a walk downtown or a stroll through a park. This intimate time together will reduce the feelings of being in a rut or the same old routine, and make that one night last the whole month long.

Other things you can do:

  • Take up a new hobby or sport together.
  • Schedule a day or weekend trip to the coast or mountains.

A Six Month Promise

It sounds perfectly logical to lessen the burden of your relationship with a six-month collaborative promise.  Unlike the decision of Nickie Ferrante to separate and meet on top of the Empire State Building, working together can ensure the success of your goal, whether it is planning a vacation or vastly improving your credit score. The first step is to determine what could be accomplished from today until August.

A few tips:

  • Look at your credit score, determine the accuracy of the information, and close unnecessary accounts. (As a reminder to check your credit score, mark your August calendar.)
  • Create a viable “new” plan for spending and vow to maintain a monthly budget, especially for food and dining expenses. Ask yourself, what accounts can be paid off quickly?
  • Using your bank’s “Bill Pay” feature is a cost-efficient and electronic means to send payments safely. (Few businesses will require the bank to mail a check.)  

Looking Past Tomorrow
In an “Affair to Remember,” time and dates were important aspects of the film. What happens tomorrow or in six months? It lingers on the question, “Will he still love me then?” None of us can predict the future; however, we can look at our present, make changes, and wait for tomorrow’s sunrise with great promise.