AWARE Physical Therapy: Putting You on the Path to Wellness, One Step at a Time

It all starts with the best intentions — a new year and 365 days to become a healthier, more active person. But somehow this great plan never comes to fruition, and another year passes without any success. Many times, all we need is a little moral support and a push in the right direction, but sometimes we need a little extra, like a plan of action for a nagging injury or pain that has been holding us back.

30-AWARE8-SFWThere are numerous options out there for physical exercise and pain relief, and making the right choice is essential for continued success towards a healthier life. AWARE Physical Therapy is a hidden gem in the vast world of physical exercise.

Owners, Kevin Cleary, MPT and Robert Zoubek, MPT along with Staff Therapist Katie Hunsucker, MPT — all North Carolina licensed — believe in a different approach to physical therapy. Their mission is to develop a close-knit personal relationship with each client and to return them to optimal health, quickly and efficiently. Sessions are filled with hands-on techniques through an expertly trained staff member who is beside you every step of the way. “The quality of life and overall wellness is very important to me,” said Katie Hunsucker. “Being able to share that with my patients as well as helping educate them through their physical therapy is what I
enjoy most.”

AWARE Physical Therapy provides a wide range of treatments and services from chronic injuries to headaches to women’s health. “We enjoy spending time with our patients and make sure that the appointment is complete even if it means we run over,” said Kevin Clearly. “We try to help each of our patients reach their optimal health through clinical expertise and insight ensuring our patients complete all of the treatments/exercises that they need.”

30-AWARE1-SFW“Our first concern is our patients and their well- being,” said Elizabeth Terrell, marketing director and client representative. “Since no two people are alike, no two treatment plans are either. Being a smaller firm, we get to know our patients on a first name basis and can usually fit in clients within 24 hours. We have multiple physical therapists on staff, along with three physical therapist technicians and a massage therapist on site.”

Utilizing their two convenient locations, AWARE Physical Therapy provides high quality comprehensive physical therapy services helping the residents of Davie, Davidson, Forsyth, Rowan and Yadkin counties. Cleary and Zoubek solidified their presence in the triad, with 12 and 10 years respectfully of work experience when they completed the purchase of their former employer Brandon Rehabilitation in May of 2011 where they each served as lead therapist — Kevin Cleary in Advance and Robert Zoubek at the Winston-Salem office. During that time, both Cleary and Zoubek have been able to develop good working relationships with the areas privately owned and hospital-based physicians offices. “Having the doctors like what we do helps the patients feel comfortable when they choose us for their therapy needs and know we are in close touch with their physicians,” said Cleary.

AWARE Physical Therapy has been at its newest location in Ardmore for three years since moving from it’s previous location on Lyndhurst Avenue to now on Hawthorne Road. Moving to their new location has given them the ability to expand on their Track II patient service, which is the progression from supervised physical therapy patient to independent fitness client. Patients have the opportunity to continue a therapist developed exercise routine in an environment that may suit their needs. “We wanted more space for workout sessions and wanted to be centrally located,” said Robert Zoubek. “We enjoy being in the Ardmore area where we can offer yoga, weights, total tone, core strengthening and cycle classes — this gives us a hometown feel with big city care!”

AWARE Physical Therapy offers AWARE Wellness fitness programs. These range from single day classes to monthly memberships to personal training packages. The groups are smaller, and there is a more intimate atmosphere than at a larger facility. “Our patients who have become clients enjoy the personalized attention they receive at AWARE,” said Zoubek.

For people who are just starting exercise for the first time, might be coming back from an injury or just have trouble staying with a routine, AWARE Wellness offers a 12-week wellness program that includes four one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist/trainer. “The initial meeting is to set up goals,” said Zoubek. “We want to find out what our clients need and what they want to accomplish. We then make up a routine for them to follow. After four weeks, we meet and modify or tweak the routine based on the feedback from the client. Next, we meet again at eight weeks and finish up with a 12-week closure session. Our goal is to guide our clients on the right path to wellness and to keep them active and healthy!”

If you would like more information on AWARE Physical Therapy, visit the website at or visit the Facebook page.  AWARE has two convenient locations: 1315 South Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem – 336.940.6415 5380 US Highway 158, Suite 205 in Advance – 336.917.6000.