The Benefits of Coloring for Adults

In an interview, Prince William once said one of Princess Kate’s hobbies was coloring in coloring books. You might be thinking, “Isn’t coloring just for kids?” Actually, no, this popular new hobby has great benefits for adults that many, even including the Duchess of Cambridge, have discovered.

The first successful adult coloring books were published in 2012 and 2013. Since then, art therapists and researchers have explored the many advantages of coloring. It is not considered a form of art therapy because art therapy implies a relationship between a client and therapist, while coloring is often an individual task. However, the benefits are very similar. This new trend is therapeutic with social, emotional, and mental health advantages. Also, it helps a person’s brain meditate by turning off negative thoughts and thinking about a specific task. It puts you in a relaxing mindset, because the result is often predictable, decreasing the amount of risk and failure. These aren’t the only benefits coloring has for adults. Take a look below to see how this latest trend helps improve a person’s mind.

Life for an adult is hard. You are balancing work, family, bills, and more. All of this can be stressful and cause anxiety. One benefit of coloring is it helps lower your stress and anxiety by taking your mind off your challenges and helping you focus on your present task of simply filling in the lines. It puts everything else on hold because the act of coloring is not a stressful act. Little effort is involved with having a colored pencil or crayon in your hand. Negative thoughts are being replaced with positivity. Also, to easing stress, coloring improves your focus and concentration. This hobby allows you to be engaged in creating a beautiful picture. Afterward, you can apply your improved skills to other tasks.

Along with an improved focus and concentration, different areas of your brain are also strengthened. When coloring, you are focusing on the paper, colors, and design, using your sense of sight and fine motor skills. These two areas are located in different hemispheres, which cause your brain to communicate and make connections which strengthen brain activity. Because of this ability, research has found coloring helps delay, and possibly prevent, dementia in older adults.

Coloring gives you a break from technology. When you are unplugged from your devices, you are directing your thoughts on creating an image instead of consuming news, videos, etc. from an electronic device. There is also a social advantage to the hobby. With its increasing popularity, more people are having coloring parties. During these events, people will color images and engage in conversation with their friends. This atmosphere helps people feel as if they are part of a larger project. While everyone is coloring individually, everyone is also working on the same task.

Sometimes it can be hard for adults to express themselves. Coloring provides an outlet to express yourself through art. You are creating a picture that hasn’t been created before, and you are doing so in your own way. No two pictures will ever be the same. The design you choose reflects your personality. Now, it is up to you to choose the colors to further express thoughts and personality. Different colors have different reactions to your mood. Blues, greens, and purples help produce a sense of calmness, while yellow creates a positive feeling.

Lastly, coloring gives you beautiful home décor. If you would like, display the artwork you create for others to see. Frame your pieces and place them on walls or tables.

Interested in joining this latest trend? Pick out a coloring book that is exciting and interesting for you. There are multiple options available, such as coloring books for scenery, fashion, puzzles, and more. The benefits of coloring for adults are endless. Plus, it makes you feel like a kid again. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?