From Book to Movie: Nancy Naigle’s Christmas Joy Novel

Nancy Naigle, USA Today bestselling author, recently settled into her new home and is enjoying exploring the heritage and arts that abound in our area. She’s lived in this area for the past three years, but just recently found her spot to call home for herself and her four-legged family of animals (a pig, horse, and dogs). You may remember her recent book review (Until Tomorrow) in the A Novel Idea column. To recap, Nancy has several series in print – The Adams Grove series, The Granny Series (co-written with Kelsey Browning), The Boot Creek Novels, and several standalone novels. Her novel, Christmas Joy, is being produced as a Hallmark movie for 2018. Plus, her novel, Hope at Christmas, is also going into production for another Hallmark Christmas movie next year.

Christmas Joy centers on Joy, a career-minded executive from a small town. “I always saw myself as a big-city girl similar to Joy,” Nancy explained. Joy is re-introduced to childhood memories, the value of keeping in touch with family, and the things that keep you grounded. She learns that being busy can mean missing out on moments that are important to her, as well as enriching the lives of others.

Nancy is thrilled to have one of her books (and now the prospect of two) made into a Hallmark Christmas movie; however, she really does not know how they found her novels. “I was at a party and one of the guests mentioned that maybe one of my books might be made into a Hallmark movie,” she said. “Maybe that’s where the idea originated. I never expected one of my books to turn into a movie. It’s all very exciting and opened up doors for more interest in my writing.”

Once the initial contact was made, her literary agent got a movie agent involved and now the movie is in the beginning stages of production. The script based on her novel is being written at present. Once the cast, location, and dates are selected, Nancy will be on set for the filming. Hallmark has their filming process down to a science; typically a film is shot in a three-week period.

In addition to the movie options, Nancy is also writing a novelization of another Hallmark movie, Christmas in Evergreen. She received the script in November for the film that will air this December. The release date for the book version will be later in 2018. She’ll be creating the backstory and book based on the movie script for Hallmark Publishing. She also has several other book ideas that she’s mulling over for them.

Her next Christmas themed book, Dear Santa, is planned for release in October 2018 via St. Martin’s Press. Nancy also shared that she is finishing up book seven in the Adams Grove series, titled Porch Swings and Promises.

Nancy’s books are available wherever books are sold (, Barnes & Noble, independent bookshops, etc.). Her books are also available in e-versions as well as audio. Nancy is available for speaking engagements, festivals, and book club events. If your plans take you to Asheville on April 13-14, 2018, stop by the Turning The Pages Booksigning held at the Hilton Biltmore Park Asheville and meet Nancy. Check her website ( for other events and book news. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.