BOOMER HUMOR: August 2017



Have you noticed that there aren’t many patient people around anymore? I am realizing that our culture no longer recognizes the virtue of patience.   It is a vanishing concept.

Remember when we had to wait for a phone call? Or we had to wait to use the phone on the dormitory hall? Remember having to wait for the rates to go down before making a long-distance call? Those calls were worth the wait.

Now we have immediate communication with texting. Most Boomers agree that the best form of communication with adult children is texting. Get the info to them quickly. Dispense with the chitchat. My son is at my fingertips. He always answers a text quickly and succinctly. No need for any type of friendly chatting. Texting has rendered the “weekly check-in-with-the-parents” phone call obsolete.

But realistically we cannot blame this growing impatience on the kids. I’ve heard Boomers say, “I’m too old to beat around the bush. Cut to the chase.” The urgency is puzzling. Aren’t we supposed to become less stressed as we age? We have express lines at the grocery store. Beyond that, we now have curbside express service for your groceries to be rushed out to you and you never even have to cut the car off!

We quickly dispense with social invitations through evites and emails. That is both cost and time efficient. Likewise, thank you notes are easily messaged online. What is wrong with improving these old practices and creating more time for ourselves? Nothing.

We need more time…to fill up with other events and responsibilities. And there it is!   We create more time to rush through to do more things. We could benefit from doing things slower. We could benefit from practicing patience in our daily lives. Enjoy the moment.

We might get a healthy laugh from some of the creative commercials that we zoom through on our DVRs while binge-watching a season of shows because we can’t wait to see the season’s finale.

As for shopping the old fashioned way, you are old school if you go to a store and have to wait to pay for your purchase. You should express order it online and click on PayPal. Done! But how am I supposed to get my 10,000 steps in sitting at a computer? Shopping is enjoyable exercise for me.

I realize that some of you may think I’ve gone off the deep end with this statement:

Super highways and expressways may have started the growth of impatience. My mother (who loved driving) was so thrilled with the construction of I-40, the “expressway.” “There are no stoplights to slow you down,” she exclaimed to my father.

I think we need some stoplights in our lives to slow us down. I desire to be a patient traveler on my journey.

Slow down your August days with intentional moments to enjoy.