February is the designated romance month.   Of course, being an incurable romantic, I believe that romance should be practiced every month.   Honestly, some of the best practitioners of romance are boomer boyfriends. These old school guys know that giving a bouquet of roses is better than “awarding” multiple roses to multiple girls.

These are the guys who gave The Lettermen albums in college with “When I Fall in Love” on it. Just thinking about that beautiful song brings back the excitement of new love and fighting for time on the one and only hall phone to talk to that new love! How special that precious phone call was. Somehow today’s readily accessible texting just doesn’t seem as romantic.

The Supremes advised us that “You can’t hurry love, You just have to wait. Love don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take.” Such wise relationship advice. Is it any wonder that many of us are still with those first serious boyfriends? The lyrics to the love songs of the Boomer Generation had some powerful messages mixed in with all the do-wops.

The idea of going steady, being in an exclusive relationship, getting pinned or staying committed to one person was valued. The concept of “friends with benefits” was not yet in the mainstream culture. Songs like “You’re My Soul and My Inspiration” (the Righteous Brothers), “I’ll Never Find Another You” (the Seekers), and “My Girl” (Temptations) encouraged committed relationships. Boomer guys understand the concept of dating one lady at a time, even today.

Okay, I know that some of those Boomer boyfriends whom I am praising also left their girls for younger wives. Many who did realize too late that they no longer have a contemporary who appreciates their style, their references, or their habits.

Living with a Sex in the City kind of gal can be intimidating, even for the most confident male. Nothing is left to the imagination in much of today’s reality entertainment. There is not much time for the romantic gesture when the outlandish one gets the public’s attention.

Boomer guys know how to slow dance. I think that may be a lost art now. And it is so romantic. Remember waiting for that slow song to be played and hoping the guy would walk over to you for a dance? It was perfectly acceptable to just practically stand still in an embrace barely swaying to the music.   Just getting lost in his alpaca sweater smelling of Jade East or English Leather.

Let’s face it, girls, we still love the romance of our dating days. So we must encourage those Boomer boyfriends (now husbands) of ours to continue the practices and habits of our generation (no matter what your kids say). One thing is for certain, as the Spiral Staircase sang to us years ago, “I love you more today than yesterday, But not as much as tomorrow.”

Enjoy a romance with a Boomer this month!