Boomer Humor: Mug Shots

By Madison Frederick

Now that we are fully into the cold weather/hot beverage season, I have made a discovery.   Truly, it is a psychological insight to human behavior and emotion.

It may be the key to unlocking that annoying personality trait you cannot understand or put your finger on in friends and family.

Are you ready for this significant insight? A person’s coffee/tea mug is a key to their personality and outlook. Bam! There it is! And now that we are squarely in gift-giving season, one can observe even more of this phenomenon. It is no secret that the popularity of coffee shops and tearooms has been on the rise. Everyone from high school students to senior citizens frequent these cafes and gathering spaces.

But what is their vessel of choice for their elixir?

We’ve all seen people with just a plain Styrofoam cup. That says the drinker is not fancy and doesn’t care to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee. Usually these are the hardcore black coffee purists – just give them the hot dark liquid and keep the refills coming. They are not trying to be cute or hip. They just need their java.

There are some conservation-minded folks who will show up at the coffee shop with their own earthenware mug. This lets folks know they are practical, and a conscientious citizen of the planet.   There are those who go to pricey coffee shops (ahem…Starbucks) just to leave carrying the iconic cup. This says I am with it and cool.

Some of us put a great deal of thought into our mugs.   We choose teams, slogans, or symbols that represent what we value. Often these folks will enter into a conversation with a total stranger based on the sentiment written on their mugs. In this case it is a sure way to combat loneliness at a coffee shop. Sip from a thought-provoking cup and wait for the conversations.

Souvenir mugs are popular, too. It is a nice way to brag about your travels or your adventures. (You’ve been to see HAMILTON! How did you get tickets?)

Then there are the expensive stainless steel mugs which say, “My owner is cool.” You know the ones…..the indestructible, insulated ones. It makes you think that the folks who use these must have sleek, modern kitchens and use Alexa to make coffee in the mornings. Their owners often enjoy their cup of joe after running or working out and almost always enter the coffee shop in their workout clothes just to prove it! AND, it says that the owner needs to have an insulated cup because he is too busy to get refills.

Boomers, on the other hand, usually have time to nurse a cup of coffee and get a warm up when it is needed. Whether we are retired or not, we have earned the right to be a little more mellow with our coffee time. A favorite coffee fashion of my generation is a mug with an adorable grandchild on it, or one that simply states “Nana.” Goodness, we flaunt that type of mug!

What can you do with this brilliant insight I’ve shared with you? Use this information for gift-giving season. A gift of a coffee mug is always welcome, even if the person has a dozen at home. It is nice to have a new one and especially one with a personal message (#1 Teacher, etc.). Fill the mug with candy, coffee pods, pencils, or even socks (your person can be warm from head to toe!!!). Enjoy giving your friends new coffee cups with the sentiment that YOU choose. Such a fun way to get a point across!

Enjoy your holidays and drink plenty of coffee!