Yep, that is the question!

October is the month that we all think of costumes.   But the “costumes” of everyday life are difficult enough to manage. What does a stylish, youthful Boomer lady have in her fall wardrobe?

We are the generation who destroyed the clothing standards. We “detested” appropriate. Remember? With our jeans, t-shirts, and sandals, we rebelled against the standards. (My personal favorite was the Granny gown.) Thanks to us, jeans are now acceptable for any occasion.

So where do we go now?

Yes, leggings are extremely comfortable, but the accompanying top has to be just right to cover all of the “important” areas and not be too clingy! Yes, I work out. But lifting grandbabies somehow does not produce Michelle Obama arms, so why is everything sleeveless? Even in the winter! Sometimes I just want to shout at the television newscasters, “Put on a sweater!” We judge a woman’s fitness by the definition in her arms. Not fair for those of us who can lift the front end of a small car if our grandbabies are in trouble, but don’t have the lean look.

As Boomers, we have shaken up each stage of life as we lived it. What’s next is the fashion for the 60s….the age 60, that is.   And it is not old lady shoes, support hose, and trousers worn up to our armpits. It is difficult to dress our age, because even though we are no longer young, we don’t feel old (most days!). And we refuse to dress like old people. So what is our style now?

We cannot dress too young because that offends our daughters and granddaughters and ages us faster than the photo on our driver’s license! And if we dress too old, it depresses us. We look like a revised version of our parents!

There are some designers who cater to our generation and our clothing needs. And don’t you just love those shops with the 1, 2 or 3 sizing? It is fun to be a two again.

I think the shoe industry is on target with us with the resurgence of cute, classy flats and low-heeled pumps. (“Kitten heels” sounds so much better than sensible shoes.)

How about some fashionable necklines which are modest without being a turtleneck? OK, we may have some neck issues, but we can fix that with some beautiful statement jewelry pieces.

The irony of our predicament is that we find ourselves returning to the “classics” (those we rebelled against in the ‘60s and ‘70s).   Now we enjoy deck pants (aka pedal pushers), Bermuda shorts, and collared shirts. We are grateful to find a stylish one piece swimsuit.

As always with Boomers, we are defining our own style…and it won’t be something someone else says it should be. It will reflect who we are: a vibrant, young-thinking, fashion savvy generation of senior citizens. And if we cannot find the clothes we want, we may just have to rebel AGAIN!

Are you listening DKNY?