Break Your Caffeine Addiction with a Healthier Alternative


When you live in a society that worships work and productivity, it’s easy to rely on that tasty, caffeinated beverage we call coffee to keep us trudging through our day. Perhaps it’s the curling steam rising from our mug, carrying a rich aroma that lures us in? We hear over and over again that coffee is unhealthy for us, but it’s so hard to break our caffeine addiction. What if I told you there are healthier ways to perk our minds and bodies up in the morning? The beverages listed below are not only healthier alternatives to coffee, but they provide an organic energy boost.

Green tea. While green tea is naturally caffeinated, it does not have as much caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. It is rich in antioxidants that prevent many kinds of cancer (lung, breast, skin, and throat cancer, to name a few), offers a great energy boost and gets your brain ready for the day! It’s also a helpful component for weight loss. You can try different variations of green tea by subbing in citrus, mint, or pomegranate.

Hot lemon water with honey. This may be one of the healthiest alternatives to coffee. A cup of hot water with a tablespoon of honey and squeezed juice from half a lemon comes with amazing health benefits. This beverage boosts your immunity, aids digestion, and detoxifies your body. Hot lemon water also cures throat infections and other cold symptoms, and relieves constipation.

Peppermint tea. Drinking herbal peppermint tea in the morning has several health benefits. The peppermint’s main job is to increase mental awareness, so it wakes up your brain. It’s also great for your skin, facilitates digestion, and helps to combat morning breath by giving you a fresher mouth (not that you would ever skip on brushing your teeth!).

Green smoothies. These babies can include any fruit or vegetable that is green, such as kale, spinach, avocado, or collard greens. They can also include fruits such as pineapple, green apples, pears, and kiwi. Green smoothies serve as a healthier coffee alternative because they provide natural energy without caffeine. They are easy to make and are even healthier than most fruit and vegetable juices. They provide pure nutrition straight from nature.

Siberian ginseng tea. Ginseng is an herb that improves brain power and concentration while giving you energy, just like coffee.

Pomegranate juice. There are numerous reasons to start your day with pomegranate juice. It is heart healthy, combats high blood pressure, and, like some of the other coffee alternatives, aids in digestion. It also has tons of benefits for your skin! It works against aging, skin cancer, helps in healing scars, and improves your overall skin texture. Pomegranate juice is even great during pregnancy. Not only does it provide essential nutrients and vitamins to the developing fetus, it also helps mom with leg cramps and high blood pressure, and helps to prevent premature births and low birth-weight babies.

Hibiscus tea. This tea also aids in digestion and combats high blood pressure, but also alleviates anxiety while speeding up metabolism, thus resulting in healthy and gradual weight loss. Hibiscus tea also soothes menstrual pains.

Chia seeds. This superfood is perhaps the healthiest alternative to coffee (and my personal favorite). They are packed with protein, iron, and fiber to provide you with a lasting energy boost, and are highly versatile. Not only do they go great with beverages—actually, any beverage that is listed here—but they can go with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can sprinkle these tiny seeds in oatmeal, cereal, omelets, salads, and soups. Chia seeds have a very mild taste and take on whatever flavor of food or drink you add them in.

Surely one or more of these coffee replacements will make you feel more energized and uplifted and gradually help you break your caffeine addiction!