Budget Bzzzz: Earn and Save

It is always nice to have a little extra cash in your wallet. But do you wonder how that extra cash will get there? Below are several unique ways to save and earn more money.

Stop collecting and start selling: Remember those Beanie Babies you collected in the 1990s? Start checking out resale sites and some might be worth something. Try the Facebook yard sale pages to get your items out to the public. Also, think about other items you’ve collected and their age. Do your research before you sell.

Declutter and clean out your closets: Similar to collectibles, your closet can be full of potential extra money. Think about what you have and haven’t worn recently. If you haven’t worn something in the past six months to a year, get rid of it. A few ways to get rid of unwanted clothing include having a yard sale, selling online, taking it to a consignment shop, or donating it for a tax deduction (just make sure to get a receipt of what was donated). While you are cleaning out your closets, why not go ahead and clean out your whole house? Go through every room and through all of your items, asking yourself, “Do I really need this?” Decluttering allows you to get rid of things you don’t need and make room for more valuable items. It also allows you to clean your house and make a little money from your past purchases.

Do It Yourself: Instead of purchasing items or enlisting professional assistance, try the DIY trend and start doing more things yourself. A few things you can do are make your own gifts for family and friends, make cleaning supplies, or repair and fix things around your house. Your loved ones will enjoy your homemade mixes for baked goods, candles, soaps, etc. Think about what you like to make and then use it as a gift. You can also make these gifts for yourself to use. For example, homemade bread is cheaper and can be healthier than store bought. Consider making these in bulk to always have on hand. If it is food-related, make sure to store in the appropriate way. Cleaning supplies can often be expensive, especially if you run out of everything at one time. Research recipes on how to make your own laundry detergent, air freshener, glass cleaner and more. Again, make these items in bulk to save more time and money. Lastly, who needs a repairman when you can be your own? Online tutorials and videos are great places to go to for advice on how to fix a problem. Just be careful to follow the steps and not make the problem worse.

Be “labor intensive”: To make extra money, consider pet-sitting or babysitting for your neighbors, friends, and family. This can be for an evening or a few days. You can also swap these services with your friends instead of spending money on them. If you live in a neighborhood with families that have kids, maybe designate a night for all the children to come to your house and give the other parents a night off. Then, let another neighbor take the kids and continue the cycle through the neighborhood. Also, you can try this same cycle with lawn care and pet-sitting.

Visit the library: If you are like me and have tackled the iPad, Kindle way of reading, but still prefer a book in your hands, go to the library. Not only it is a great place to check out books, but you can also research free community events, check out movies and CDs, and read the local newspapers.

Drive a different route to work and don’t speed: If you know your route to work like the back of your hand and always make various stops along the way, you are actually spending more money. Try going a different route every now and then, even if the route is longer. You won’t be tempted to stop at your usual stores and spend unnecessary money. Plus, the constant stopping and starting of your car uses more gas. Also, don’t speed. When you speed, you use more gas, and you can also get pulled over. A ticket means higher insurance premiums and spending more money.

If you are looking for ways to add more money in your wallet, try these tips above. You’ll be surprised at how much money accumulates in a short amount of time!