Burklee Printing: Putting it all on paper … and signs and t-shirts, too!

As a true local business success story, Burklee Printing started small, launching themselves in 1988 above a typesetting business (yes, typesetting!) in downtown Winston-Salem. Those humble beginnings, combined with a super strong work ethic and an owner who knows the value of fair pricing, quick turnaround and personal service, have kept the business growing and going strong. Housed in their current location since 1989, owner Libby Payne knows the nuances of building a successful small business. Luckily, her printing expertise affords her opportunities on a daily basis to assist other budding entrepreneurs.

“A brand new business doesn’t need 5,000 brochures – 500 or even 1,000 is enough to get started,” explains Libby. “Don’t print a lot of marketing materials only to find out in a few months that some of the information has changed as your business evolved.”

When meeting with fledgling business owners, the folks at Burklee tend to ask a lot of questions and even if the customer isn’t always sure of the answer, much is learned about their vision. Working to help them find their true target market means getting the word out to potential customers via business cards, forms, letterhead and of course, an eye-catching logo that truly represents the company’s product or service. Libby knows firsthand what’s involved with rebuilding a business as the times change, too, and she’s a pro at navigating market changes with her customers.

With the onset of “desktop publishing” and then the powerful punch of digital processing, Burklee adjusted its own business focus to stay a step ahead of what their clients needed. But like any print connoisseur, she knows the excitement of still being able to hold a printed piece. Libby and her team know there’s nothing quite like the feel of fine paper and the excitement of seeing your image or design emblazoned in bright color – no matter how tech savvy you are!

“Even though the world has surely gone digital, there is nothing like having a business card, note card or beautifully designed brochure in your hands,” says Libby. “Sending a thank-you note with your logo to a valued client will always be good customer service.”

For a new or relocating business, that logo must translate into the perfect storefront signage, too. Burklee always advises finding out what a client’s landlord will allow in terms of display, and if there are any restrictions, especially when it comes to lighting.

Keeping things real is what sets Burklee Printing apart from other printing options. When you call for a consultation on a full marketing package or simply to get a price quote, you’ll talk to the owner – not a customer service department who isn’t thoroughly invested in your project. Plus, if their staff can’t create what you need in-house, they will help you find an alternate source.

Turnaround time for simple jobs can be as fast as one business day or three to five business days for more in-depth projects, and proofs are always provided before anything is printed. Yes, Burklee is well-versed in handling a rush job, but planning ahead with ample working time is best if you’ll need larger quantities or a more complicated design.

Once your business is up and running, let Burklee outfit your team with custom screen printed or embroidered t-shirts, and with every promotional item imaginable, from calendars and custom water bottles to shopping totes and even selfie sticks – all showing off your logo. That’s the magic of marketing your business and that’s what Burklee Printing does best!

To see how Burklee Printing can keep your business front and center in the marketplace, call them at 336-760-2611Monday through Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM for a personal consultation or stop by for a visit at 3909 Westpoint Blvd., Suite A, in Winston-Salem. You’ll also find them online at burkleeprinting.com.

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