Busy as a Bee Works to Free Clients’ Worry

64-BusyAsABeeConcierge4959-Resized By David Willard

Life is not intangible. It is a series of actions and details that lead to moments and memories. Life is a constant race of activities that, at the same time, can be exhilarating and draining. Between trying to maintain family, home and job, and keep up all those extracurricular activities, life can sometimes be dizzying. It is between all these responsibilities that Busy as a Bee Concierge Services makes its home, and tries to make that race of activities just a little less chaotic.

Recently celebrating six years of business in Winston-Salem, Busy as a Bee is a complete concierge service whose sole purpose is to make life easier on its customers. Owned and operated by Minnie Aikens, the company offers its clients peace of mind to deal with the most pressing situations. With a client list that includes corporations and individuals, their services work to bring sanity to a constant rat race.

64-BusyAsABeeConcierge4934-Resized I believe that life should be as worry free as possible,” says Aikens. “Working in corporate America, life can be stressful and unbalanced. I wanted to assist busy people, like myself, achieve work and life balance. I wanted to start a company that would help create an environment that would allow them to focus on the things in life that they value the most and make more money at the same time. I wanted to offer services that would create a happy, healthy and stress free lifestyle.”

“We offer a wide range of services,” Aikens continues. “We offer our services as a Personal Concierge and we do this by taking care of everything in your personal and business life that you can imagine. We give our clients more time to focus on their careers, running their business, family and the other important things in their lives. We create happiness.”

64-BusyAsABeeConcierge4960-ResizedThese services include errand running, grocery shopping, moving assistance, dry cleaning, and laundry drop-off and pickup, and this is just to name a few. Busy as a Bee accomplishes this by employing a number of independent contractors in wide areas of service who are ready to react immediately to a customer’s needs. Requests can range from the ordinary, everyday task to those very unique requests that customers may have.

An example of this is when a customer called and needed help finding a unique wind chime. The wind chime was to be in remembrance of a lost loved one. Yet another example came in the form of a panicked client. “One of our apartment clients had a new resident to move in and the sofa was damaged in the move. The client called in a panic. He needed to find someone to come out and repair the sofa in an hour. He didn’t have a clue as to where to locate someone. When he calmed down, he called and mentioned ‘I forgot about my go-to girl (Minnie).’ We connected him with our mobile furniture repairman and he was again in his happy place,” Aikens adds.

The end result is a company that puts its customers’ needs, unique and ordinary, at the forefront of its business model. Minnie Aikens is filling a need every day in someone’s life or career, and in doing so, Busy as a Bee is giving more time back to its clients. In the end, Aikens is making the rat race a little less chaotic, and giving its clients the ultimate gift: time to enjoy those special moments and memories in all our lives.


For further information contact Minnie Aikens at 336-377-2411 or email at maikens@busyasabeeconcierge.com. More information can also be obtained at www.busyasabeeconcierge.com.