Busy as a Bee: Taking the Stress Out of Relocating

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone unpacked and organized your things for you when you moved to a new home? Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else worry about what’s going to fit where while you are at work or spending time with your loved ones? Well, that’s exactly what the Moving and Relocation Team at Busy as a Bee Concierge does. Located in Winston-Salem, Busy as a Bee Concierge provides various services for people, such as relocation, home management and decorating.

“We have been helping people with relocating for more than two years, and last year was a record year for us,” said Founder and Owner Minnie Aikens. “Everyone involved loves doing it.”

Composed of five team members, the Moving and Relocation Team helps clients with packing/unpacking items, organizing items in the new space as well as scheduling utilities and services. The team has completed moves in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina and took only a couple of days to complete the project.

“Everyone on the team has their own special talents that coordinate well with the other members,” said Team Lead and Supervisor Debbie Crumbley. “We all work together to get the job done. We try to take the stress and nervousness away from the client when it comes to moving. At the end of the day, our goal is to ‘wow’ the client. It’s a very fun job.”

According to Crumbley, along with the individual team member’s talents, there is one unique aspect — every member has known each other before working with Busy as a Bee.

“Mary Jarrell is a passionate organizer, and Kaye Johnson’s background is in interior design; and their skills complement each other very well,” said Aikens.  “They work on a lot of tasks together. Debbie Crumbley is a great team leader with pulling people together to get the job done. Betsey Turner and MaryAnn Duncan do a little bit of everything and help where they are needed. This team’s skills and passion for what they do has helped make Busy as a Bee a success.”

Clients will first contact Minnie Aikens to set up the details of the relocation job. After the clients have moved, Crumbley and the team will tour the new space with the client, take before pictures and discuss likes and dislikes. Then, the team will renovate the space and turn it into a home for the client. The client is more than welcome to stay while the team is working. When the job is complete, Crumbley and the team take after pictures and show the client the changes. Also, the clients will complete a survey, describing their experience with Busy as a Bee.

“The longest job took us two days to complete,” said Mary Jarrell. “Normally we work about 12 hours a day and won’t stop until it’s complete. Sometimes people have reservations, but that is to be expected. When they see the end results, they don’t want us to leave. Because we have so much fun on a job, sometimes clients want to join in on the organization. We even had some clients ask to go with us on another project.”

Busy season has just begun for the Moving and Relocation Team at Busy as a Bee Concierge. They look forward to another record-breaking year, helping take the stress out of moving.

“Moving is a big change and tough for everyone involved,” said Jarrell. “We are here to make it easy and as pleasant as we can for clients. Our team is always prompt and never late. We pride ourselves in our work and are perfectionists. We are also passionate about our job and let that passion show through our work.”

Busy as a Bee Concierge is located in Winston-Salem. Call 336.377.2411, or visit online at busyasabeeconcierge.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.