Butler Lighting – The Importance of Vanity Lighting

When updating or changing a space such as a bathroom, our minds often go to countertops and cabinets first. There are so many decisions to be made before any work begins, and it is very important to factor in all the major decisions up front. All real estate agents will tell you “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,” and whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or not, it just makes sense to think of everything when investing in your spaces.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, all vanity lighting is not created equal. This is an area of redesign that really requires a professional to be done right. The experts at Butler Lighting can help every step of the way! “The importance of good vanity lighting is to see what you are trying to accomplish in the mirror,” said Paige Gallman of Butler Lighting. “For instance, like applying makeup, plucking eyebrows or flossing. But, you also would like it to be attractive. Layering lights on your vanity is a great option to help give the better light.”

Bathroom overhauls can be very expensive, and if you aren’t in the market for a complete redo, simply switching out the lighting can impact the entire space in a really positive way. “You can upgrade your bath by just changing out your lighting,” said Gallman. “Lighting is the jewelry of the home. It can make it very attractive or make it non-attractive. It usually takes about two weeks to order fixtures; with an electrician, you could have a new bathroom in two weeks by just changing lights.”

While many trends come and go, trends are often not the best option for certain spaces. According to Paige, clear glass is a recent trend that works for a powder room but not a vanity space. “Unfortunately, clear glass is not a good lighting option for your everyday application, because clear glass shadows,” said Gallman. “If you are trying to shave or groom your eyes, you will miss places because of shadows. The best lighting for grooming is a light with white glass. White glass gives the purest whitest light. You can also use a high kelvin LED bulb to get even brighter.”

With the advancement of technology comes better solutions for everyday items…even lighting. LED bulbs have made big differences in electric bills as well as quality of lighting specific spaces. “Customers should be really excited about LED lights,” said Gallman. “A lot of people automatically count them out because they are so white, but you can get them in an ambiance color to soften the light.”

The biggest mistake people make is not having enough light to sufficiently and effectively light the space. “People love to use sconces, and sometimes that is just not enough light for daily use,” said Gallman. “If you love sconces, you can have those, but I would suggest having a recessed can above your vanity to give you extra light. We have lots of vanity lighting on display. Come down to Burke Street and see what we can do for you! We are customer-friendly and can typically meet any budget.”

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