Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center “Dare to be Beautiful”

Dr. Anne L. White and her staff at Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center are dedicated to providing their patients with the most current information available as they make decisions on which treatment options are best for their particular needs. Dr. White recently shared her insights on current trends.

Swimsuit season is almost here. Which procedures are at the forefront regarding cosmetic surgery? According to Dr. White, “Typically, I enjoy wearing skirts without tights in warm weather and so do my patients. However, most of us have some version of that Home Alone moment (i.e., scream fest) when we look at the shape our legs are in after a winter of tights and pants.” One of the first requests at the beginning of warmer weather is for laser hair removal. Others include laser vein treatment and sclerotherapy, an injection process that helps eliminates and reduces varicose veins and spider veins.

For swimsuit season, many patients turn to Sculpsure®, a non-invasive laser treatment that reduces fat in areas such as the abdomen, flanks and thighs. The procedure generally takes 25 minutes and reduces fat by 25 percent, with one to two sessions. “Cool Sculpting, a competing procedure, sometimes causes demarcations or indentations at the edge of the treatment site,” said Dr. White. “Unlike Cool Sculpting, Sculpsure® does not produce demarcation due to the feathering of the laser energy at the edge of the applicator. The Sculpsure® treatment is faster, less expensive and more effective.”

Are more patients gravitating to non-surgical procedures? What are the upsides versus cutting surgeries? As Dr. White explained, “We all lead busy lives, and not many people can take off the six weeks or more of recovery time required for plastic surgery procedures. With other options available such as Botox, Ultherapy (non-surgical method to lift, tone, and tighten skin), Thermage® (to minimize wrinkles) and the laser facelift Precision TX, it is possible to get facelift-like results in much less time with minimal downtime. The results are, in many cases, more natural. Facelifts have to be redone every ten to twelve years; they are not permanent as many people think.”

What about the creams that are touted on the Internet to tighten and lift one’s skin? Dr. White revealed that these creams are not FDA approved. Dr. White researches and carefully selects which skin care products she recommends for her patients. Each person has different needs and going to a skin care expert to map out a custom-tailored skin care regimen will achieve the best results. Dr. White helps patients with their skin care needs on a daily basis and only recommend products she has tried herself.

One of the newer creams is XPL, developed at MIT, to diminish under-eye bags and wrinkles. XPL requires a two-step process that takes 15-30 minutes and lasts for up to 24 hours. “Although the results are temporary, this cream is a revolutionary discovery that could be the quick fix we have been searching for.”

Most frequently requested procedures? Dr. White shared that Botox®, fillers, Kybella® and Sculpsure® are among the most frequently requested by her patients. Kybella® is in particularly high demand as a treatment to permanently disrupt the fat cells under the chin, getting rid of that double chin. Sculpsure® is also popular as a means of permanently disrupting fat (i.e., excess fat pockets or localized adiposity).


What questions should patients be asking before having procedures done? Dr. White feels it is important that her patients are informed, comfortable with the procedure requested, and confident that their well-being is the primary focus at Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center. She especially encourages new patients to ask questions. Some suggested questions shared by Dr. White include asking if a medical doctor is on site when a laser procedure is performed. Ask how long the staff has used that particular laser and how many procedures have been performed. Ask whether lasers are purchased directly from the vendor, or purchased used (sometimes even on eBay), and the frequency of maintenance. Ask about the team’s credentials. Ask if cosmetic surgery is the primary focus of the practice or just a sidebar. In other words, be informed.

Dr. White and her team at Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center are happy to answer questions and provide information. Feel free to contact them at 336.659.2663 or visit their website ( Their office is located at 145 Kimel Park, Suite 140, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.