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“Varicose veins of the legs, and even just leg pain, with or without veins, is no longer something considered just cosmetic,” explained Dr. Brent Greenberg of Carolina Vein Specialists. The professionals at Carolina Vein Specialists can answer questions about your vein health, dispel misconceptions, and show you that you can feel better while looking better.

People with leg vein disease come in all ages, from teens to seniors. Although symptoms are usually found in women, men make up a quarter of all patients. The older you get, the more likely vein disease will develop in your legs. As vein disease tends to run in families, being aware of your family history is important for you and your children. If your parents had leg vein problems, there’s a high likelihood you will have similar conditions. People who sit or stand for long periods of time are susceptible to the condition (teachers, machinists, flight attendants, office workers, and more).   Those who have had surgeries, injuries, or even pregnancies can have varicose veins.

Symptoms that fall within the acronym known as HASTI need to be checked out. The symptoms are “heaviness in the legs, aching, swelling, throbbing, and itching.” There are steps that can be taken to stave off varicose veins such as following an exercise plan, staying fit, and walking around every hour rather than remaining stationary. Being aware of the time and moving about on a frequent schedule is beneficial to your veins.

Years ago, the standard treatment for varicose veins involved a hospital stay for stripping the veins and wearing tight compression hose almost all the time. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today, varicose veins can be detected using ultrasound technology, and varicose vein treatments can be done in the doctor’s office while patients are awake (no cutting or stitching needed), with little to no recovery time necessary. “After all office treatments, people are encouraged to resume exercise and nearly all regular work-related activity,” Dr. Greenberg shared. Also, following a course of treatment, it may be years before any further treatment may be needed.

Carolina Vein Specialists treat leg pain symptoms that may be related to varicose veins, such as spider veins, leg pain resulting from underlying abnormal veins not visibly seen on the surface, heaviness and swelling, nighttime cramps and restless legs, and even leg vein complications resulting from injury or previous treatment, including phlebitis and blood clots/DVT.

Drs. Brent Greenberg and Mark Featherston and their team have 20+ years of specialization in vein treatment. They encourage potential patients to do their homework and are happy to offer consultations before any treatment. Most treatments are minimally invasive and can be done in their offices. Also, their insurance staff guides patients through the insurance process so that patients can concentrate on feeling better. Their website includes before/after photos and video discussions to shed additional light on vein health and its importance to overall healthy living. As Dr. Greenberg shared, “People feel better when they’re active.” Activity relates to healthy vein health.

Carolina Vein Specialists has two locations for your convenience: in Greensboro, their office is at 1130 New Garden Road; in Winston-Salem, 1598 Westbrook Plaza Drive. Their area of service spans central North Carolina and southern Virginia. For an appointment, contact them at 336.398.3080. Additional information, including an extensive Q&A section, can be found on their website at