Charleston Custom Painters: It’s the Little Things That Make a House a Home

Home. For such a small word, it has the power to invoke a surprisingly wide range of emotions. “Home” can describe a physical location, but it is used in other ways to convey a sense of being. We speak of “feeling right at home” when we are welcomed warmly. The “home team” is the one most comfortable on the field. And when a player finally reaches “home base,” he or she is safe.

It becomes clear in the way we speak of our homes that their character is deeply entrenched in our lives. For such a small word, home is actually a big and important thing. Michael Nowak of Charleston Custom Painters understands how important your home is to you, and he believes the little things can sometimes add the most value.  Michael goes the extra mile to ensure that your home is a place of warmth, comfort and safety for you and your family. His business goes beyond paint by assisting with the little things that add character and personality to a home. “Several recent customers wanted help with some odd jobs such as hanging pictures,” said Michael. “I even had one customer call and ask if I had time to help take down their Christmas tree. We love developing a friendship with our customers by lending a hand in those situations.”

Preparation, durability, beauty and attention to detail are all of the utmost importance at Charleston Custom Painters which specializes in painting, pressure washing, sheetrock and repairs. But the quality that makes it truly unique is the heart this business has for this community. Whether it is helping with color choice, hanging photos or even adding a closet or shelving, Charleston Custom Painters is ready to jump in and offer its expertise.


From the biggest projects to the smallest details, your home is built by the way its personality welcomes you, the way its beauty comforts you and the safety it provides for you and your family. Understanding that the small things add such value puts Charleston Custom Painters in a unique position to assist with any job you need done to make your house more of a home.

“It’s nice to know our customers are comfortable enough to give us a call for the small, odd jobs in addition to the big things,” said Michael. “Helping them settle in and enjoy their home — that is what we are all about.”

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