Chris’ Lawncare: Green, growing, and celebrating 10 years!

At the ripe old age of 28, entrepreneur Chris Eagle is celebrating the 10th anniversary of owning his own business.

Best of all, it’s a business he loves and a setting he’s been attached to since he was a young boy – the great outdoors. Chris grew up in Clemmons, North Carolina, and began mowing his mother’s yard and the yards of nearby – and very willing – neighbors when he was just 14 years old. His mission at that young age was not necessarily to build a career, but simply to make extra spending money.

Sometimes dreams surprise you and for Chris, what started small in his own neighborhood has grown into a full-time profession based on doing what he loves most: spending time outdoors and giving nature just a little push at times.

Exactly ten years ago, when Chris was only 18, Chris’ Lawncare was officially launched, and its driven young owner has seen much success.

Chris says the best part of his business is watching the transformation of each of his client’s lawns, and he admits it’s not unusual for a customer to include a note with their payment saying their yard is, without a doubt, the greenest on their street!

Those word-of-mouth referrals are also his most valuable promotion, and Chris has grown his business steadily from basic mowing services to full lawn maintenance packages, which include mowing, fertilizer and weed control programs. Leaf removal, shrub trimming, and pine needle services are offered from November through March.

With residential customers in Clemmons, Advance, Lewisville and all around the Winston-Salem area, Chris’ client base also includes smaller commercial accounts, such as local medical and dental practices, who know the importance of keeping their own business landscapes neatly manicured.

By combining professional expertise and impeccable customer service, Chris keeps his loyal clients’ yards green and growing, and his own dream business going strong!

Springtime is budding and if you’re ready to make a change to your home lawn or business setting, let Chris’ Lawncare offer you a free estimate and professional advice on how to get – and keep – your yard the greenest ever! Reach Chris Eagle and Chris’ Lawncare at 336-817-1409 or visit his website at for more information.