A City’s Canvas: Hayden Tedder


Being an artist is a job of the heart. It is a creative endeavor that encompasses who you are. It is what shapes your life and viewpoints along the road to becoming the person that you were meant to be. Some find this realization on their own, through life choices of trial and error. Others are lucky enough to have people in their lives that “show them the way.” These are people that see the gifts inside the artists that they can’t themselves see yet, or they can lead by example, and let the artists see through their walk of life what they want for themselves. For Hayden Tedder, this guidance came at an early age from the most likely of sources, her parents.

Hayden Tedder is a young artist new to the downtown Winston-Salem arts scene, but certainly an artist whose work is speaking for itself. Having already produced quite a collection of work, Tedder is making her way in what is already quite a diverse area of talented artists. This is quite a testament to her parents’ success at bringing the art out of the artist.

“I’ve grown up in Winston-Salem. My parents are both artists and have been supportive of me pursuing what I love,” says Tedder.

“I am mostly self-taught but have worked with other artists doing work such as painting, curating, body painting, and scenic work. I found art to be therapeutic during a rough time in my life. It was the only place I could find peace and happiness. To me, it’s important that what I’m doing with my life is benefiting me mentally. I decided this in 2011 after studying under artist Stephen Hopkins,” she continues.

Finding herself as an artist, as can be expected, has been a work in progress. However, it is definitely a road that she is feeling more and more comfortable in. “I like to keep my style fairly simple. I get my style from the influence of different artists that I view in Winston. An example of that would be the crisp, illustrative work of Kendall Doub and the artistic freedom of Chad Beroth. I have also incorporated what I’ve learned working for Jennifer O’Kelly at Muse Scenic Studio into how I go about the actual painting,” adds Tedder.

“I am most proud of my painting, ‘Sculpt.’ I feel as though that painting was the actual moment I became confident in myself as an artist. My most proud accomplishment is anytime I’m able to bring people together with my paintings, smiling and having a good time. As cheesy as that sounds,” she concludes.

Although still young and developing her talents as a painter, Hayden Tedder seems to have found the confidence and drive it takes to succeed as an artist. Thanks to her talent, drive and an inner confidence that keeps Tedder producing interesting and unique works, Tedder seems poised to be a force in the downtown artist scene for years to come. Of course, there are at least two people who are not surprised at that statement at all, but isn’t that what great parents do?