Complete Rehab: The Owner / Therapist’s Unique Understanding of Neuropathy

It is safe to say that not everyone loves what they do for a living. To many, a job is just that — a job. They dread having to wake up on Monday morning knowing that they face forty hours of mundane work that is neither satisfying nor rewarding. This is definitely not the case for Brett Duffey, owner and occupational therapist at Complete Rehab. From the moment you meet Brett it is clear that he is not only passionate about his work, but also has compassion and empathy for his clients.

Brett was a young man serving in the Marines looking at a career in air traffic control when a near fatal accident changed everything. Brett spent six weeks in a coma with a massive head injury, had 15 broken bones and was paralyzed on his right side. Many would resign themselves to a life of pain and being wheelchair bound, but Brett was a fighter. Enduring numerous surgeries and lengthy therapies, Brett advanced from a wheelchair to a walker to a quad-cane and finally to a brace on his right leg that he still wears.

The injury also changed his career path from air traffic controller to that of a therapist. He looked forward to helping people as he had been helped. He returned to college where he excelled, progressed up to the dean’s list, and earned a BS in occupational therapy. He has now worked as a professional therapist for more than 15 years opening Complete Rehab in 2005.  “I learned because I was a patient myself,” said Brett. “I have the gift of knowing how to talk to people. I have clients that will say, ‘nobody has ever explained what they thought was wrong with me.’ I have had probably 40-50 therapists in my lifetime, but I only remember the two or three that really talked to me and included me in my treatment. They incorporated my thoughts and my feelings about my injury and how things like depression affected my recovery.  As a therapist, I can apply everything I learned in school and as a patient. I talk to people, I explain things to them and I try to include them so they aren’t just coming to me because someone told them to. I want them to be able to tell me what their problems are and what they want to gain from therapy. If they don’t know why they are here then I can’t help them. People that come to see me WANT to get better.”

80-CompleteRehab95-SFWAlthough he provides other services, Brett’s specialization is pain control and working with people who suffer from neuropathy. Many people think they have to be diabetic to have neuropathy, but that is far from accurate. “People don’t understand a few things,” said Brett. “One, you don’t have to be diabetic to have neuropathy. Two, there are many different types of neuropathy. People need to be aware of this and find a doctor or therapist that specializes in neuropathy. This fact will usually exclude your general family physician. They will try the things they know and then if you do not get better they will refer you to a neurologist or a neuropathy specialist like me.”

For those suffering from any neuropathic symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, burning, weakness, etc…even if they have not been “officially diagnosed” they only need to call and discuss their issues or set up a free consultation with Brett to know if they will benefit from his treatments. His only goal is to improve his clients lives and physical abilities. According to Brett his mission is simple, “We strive to deliver Complete compassionate Rehab to all patients with the goal of improving patients’ function or performance by addressing their deficits to maximize their potential.”

Complete Rehab is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall, Suite 22, Clemmons. For more information or to set up a consultation, phone 336-778- 0292, or visit their informative website at