Crazy Perfect Life: Count Your Blessings

You don’t need to wait to be happy. You deserve to be happy now. Today. In whatever season you find yourself in.

I was talking to a woman recently. We were having a deep conversation and she said something to me that really stuck with me. She said, “One day I’ll be happy. When I meet someone and I’m in a relationship, then I’ll finally feel happy.” She paused when she said it and had a wistful look on her face. I wanted to hug her.

I understand that she wants to meet and share her life with someone. She really wants to be in a relationship because she feels lonely. However, what if she doesn’t meet anyone for several years? Does that mean she isn’t going to be happy until then? What if she never meets anyone?

Life is uncertain. You know this. I’ve talked and written a lot about this. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. Trust me, do you think I ever thought I would hear the words, “You have cancer,” 3.5 years ago? I was 42 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I never saw it coming. Never.

What I’ve learned from that experience is that happiness comes from within.

It’s an attitude and a mindset and it’s absolutely available to each of us. Whatever we’re dealing with and whatever season we find ourselves in. If you aren’t feeling very happy right now, you have to actively decide to allow yourself to be happy, and then do everything you can to help yourself get it. Make peace with your past, find gratitude in your current life circumstances and give yourself permission to be happy.

I’ve heard people say things like:

“I’ll be happy when I get the job I want.”

“I’ll be happy when I have a nicer home.”

“I’ll be happy when I feel better.”

“I’ll be happy when I have more money.”

Don’t wait to be happy, allow yourself to be happy. Now. In this season of thanks, take the time to acknowledge all the blessings you have in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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