Crazy Perfect Life: It’s Graduation Season

It seems like there’s a ceremony for everything – moving up from kindergarten to first grade, elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school and, of course, the big one, graduation from high school.

Each of these moments is bittersweet. We wonder how our children can already be at their current stage. We wonder where the time went. The older we get, the faster and faster time seems to go.

I haven’t had a child graduate from high school. Yet. I’m very aware that right now next year, my oldest daughter will graduate from high school and start the next chapter of her life. Fortunately, we still have a little time together, although it’s fleeting. As we go on college tours and talk about where she wants to go and what she wants to be, we can’t pretend it isn’t coming. What used to seem like years down the road is starting to feel uncomfortably real. Because it is real.

If you have a student who is about to graduate from high school, I’m sure you have mixed emotions. Pride and joy laced with sadness. Soon you will watch your child walk across the stage, accept a diploma and say “goodbye” to high school. There will be graduation parties to attend, celebrations to have and toasts to give. But, there will also be quiet moments. When you might shed a tear or two. Your hugs might be tighter and last just a little longer.

Life is changing.

This isn’t a surprise. We know we have a finite amount of time to have our kids at home with us before they go out into the world. But somehow, knowing it’s coming and having it get here aren’t the same.

If you’re a parent of a graduating senior, while I haven’t walked in your footsteps and I can’t know exactly how you’re feeling, I think about you, and my heart hurts for you.

We can’t stop time.

What we can do, though, is make sure we make the most of each day. We do this by connecting with our friends and family and savoring the time we have with the people we love. Live each day with gratitude and appreciation, and take the time to recognize all the blessings in your life.

Happy Graduation!

Find meaning each day,



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