Create Your Own Luck with Search Engine Optimization

Do you want more business in 2015?
Do you want more website traffic?
Do you want to be #1 on Google?

If this is the destination that you want to achieve, then the vehicle to get you there is what internet marketing people call “search engine optimization” or SEO. Since this month’s Forsyth Woman theme is all about creating your own luck, SEO fits as a strategy to be used to create success (luck) for your business.

SEO Success Stories

If you’re not sure that you need SEO or that SEO can work for you, here are a few case studies that scream results!

For one local company that we worked with, we targeted 23 keywords to improve its search rankings. When we began, the average page rank was 348.22. After 10 weeks, it is now 1.83, which is a 99.48% improvement. The average listing when we began was 190.30, and it is now 12.52, which is a 93.42% improvement. We know for a fact this business has tremendously increased its customer base and is enjoying the “luck” it created by investing in SEO.

Another company chose to target three of its main services. Through ongoing SEO, we were able to not only get it to rank #2 on Google for each of its major services, but we were able to achieve the #3 and #4 position as well!

Nu expression also spent 2014 working hard on our own SEO. The search engine “luck” that we created resulted in growing our web division by 75% over 2013 and our total business by 33%. It’s difficult to deny the proven success of these companies by making an investment over time to grow.

It’s easy to see the results of SEO, but it is much harder to understand how optimization occurs and to be patient while waiting for success. We are a society that wants everything immediately (reason for the success of Amazon Prime) but good SEO takes time.

Tips for SEO Success

To create the luck (success) of SEO for your business and your bottom line, here are a few suggestions of actions to take:

● Create a quality website that is easily navigable
● Be sure to have a super fast loading web server (#1 reason people leave a website is because of slow speed)
● Have good written content with keywords included — but not stuffed
● Build your website in WordPress — Google likes that!
● Be sure your website titles are optimized for keywords
● Create quality page descriptions
● Use a Google Webmaster Tools account
● Create an XML Sitemap
● Create a Google Place page
● Create a Yelp page
● Pay Per Click Google Ads
● Facebook Ads

There are a ton of companies who will guarantee you overnight results because they are using “Black Hat” techniques which might result in quick results, but in the long run will get you banned from Google. If you are looking for a reputable company that has a proven track record, look no further than Nu expression. Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation to see how our team of experts can help you grow your business in 2015.